Monday, February 4, 2013

Outfit Order: Belt It Out

Hey all!  How is your Monday going so far?

Well, it is that time again- time for an Outfit Order post!!  One of my very best friends from grade school, Roxanne, requested a blog post on different ways to wear a skinny belt.  Considering she has been my BFF since 6th grade, I think I'll honor her request ;)  So here is the "skinny" on some ways to wear a skinny belt (hehe... see what I did there?...)

I chose the outfit below based on Roxanne's personal style.  I would say her look is a mixture of preppy and classic, so it was fun to go through my closet to find pieces that I thought Roxanne would wear and put them together in a way she would [hopefully] like.


Old Navy navy & white polka dot cardigan: $4.94, on super sale from $19.94 during the After Christmas Sales
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $11.80JCPenney $17JCPenney $17 or Kohl's $24 (on sale from $40)
Old Navy white tank top: about $4
-Similar styles (both Forever 21): $2.80 or $4.80 
Gap dark wash boot cut jeans: Really old, from around 2007
-Similar styles: Kohl's $15.99 (on sale from $39.99), Kohl's $15.99 (on sale from $39.99), Target $22.99 or Old Navy $29.50
Red patent [p]leather flats with tassels: Gifted from my mom
-Similar styles: Cotton On $12.50 (on sale from $14.95), Cotton On $12.50 (on sale from $14.95) or Forever 21 $16.80

Target stackable ring set: $5.58, on sale from $7.99
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $2.80Forever 21 $3.80Target $4.54 (on sale from $12.99), Forever 21 $4.80 or Forever 21 $4.80

If you look through some of my old blog posts, you will see that wearing a skinny belt around my waist is a favorite of mine.  I love the shape it creates and how many different ways you can wear one.

Take a look at some past examples of various ways to wear such a belt:
A few skinny belt options: Forever 21 $4.80Forever 21 $4.80Forever 21 $5.80Kohl's $10.40 (on sale from $26) or Target $12.99

I hope that you all were able to find at least one way you would like to wear a skinny belt so you can try it out!  If you have a request for an outfit, upcoming event, trend, etc and want me to do an Outfit Order post for you, please let me know!  I love to do them :)


PS: Need your daily dose of cuteness?  Check out this article about Sperm Whales who adopted a deformed Bottlenose Dolphin.  I love Mother Nature :')


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