Sunday, February 9, 2014

White Collar: Print Dress + Cardigan + Boots

Hey there! Here's a question for ya that I'm sure you've been asked before: If you could live in any decade, which would you choose? Well, I'm not going to lie - I really like my iPhone and my Prius, so leaving 2014 would be pretty difficult... but then again the simplicity of the past is also pretty alluring. If I was basing this choice on fashion, though? Take me back to any time between the 1940's and 1970's. (I know, I'm greedy.) That's why I was so enamored with this dress in today's post. The collar makes me think of the 50's. The geometric print reminds me of the 60's. The color palette takes my brain straight to an episode of 70's classic The Brady Bunch. Yet, somehow, all together it still feels modern. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Maison Jules multicolored geometric print pleated minidress: Macy's $18
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $14.80Macy's $20.99 (on sale from $58), Old Navy $29.94 or Macy's $39.99 (on sale from $69)
Use promo code "ONSAVENOW" for 25% off your purchase for a limited time!

Light gray cardigan (also seen here & here): Old Navy $15 (on sale from $24.94)
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $8.80, JCPenney $12.99 (on sale from $24), Forever 21 $13.80 or JCPenney $16.99 (on sale from $29)

Gray knee socks: Forever 21
-Similar style: Amazon $4.39

Cognac flat boots (also seen here, here & here): Target
-Similar styles: Amazon $24.99Payless $24.99 (on sale from $39.99), Target $31.99 (on sale from $39.99) or Forever 21 $42.80

Gold elephant necklace: c/o Olive Yew

Tortoise oversized sunglasses (also seen here): Old Navy

Are things still polar vortex-y where you reside? If so, I hope you get sunshine soon! And, if it's still dreary, just take the first flight out to Phoenix and the desert will show you a cozy, good time!! Scout's Honor.

PS: Don't forget to check back here in a few days for an amazing giveaway with Adore Me!

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  1. Hey Allie! I'm doing a giveaway on Patti Cake and wanted to let you know about it since you have some any fun giveaways- here's one to enter for yourself! :) Cheers! … wait we're doing the same one! Haha! Adore me! Too funny! My decade would be either the 40's or the 20's. Cute dress!



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