Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thinking Pink: Tee + Moto Jacket + Jeans + Ankle Booties

Hi gals (and maybe a few guys...? ...)!  So the other day I came across a scrapbook box of old letters, awards, photos, etc. that I hadn't seen in YEARS.  It took me right back to the olden days of the early 2000s.  Right back to when I first started dressing myself as a teenager and thinking I looked super cool.  Uh, Pre-teen Allie.  Newsflash: you had the longest awkward phase of anyone on Planet Earth.  Looking at these pictures made me feel like from approximately 2001-2006 I was just one huge brace-face, polo-wearing nerd-o.  It makes me extra grateful that I had such loving friends who stuck by me even during that half a decade or so of 100% geek (and no chic is included in that... whatsoever).  But, hey!  To give myself some credit, I was always into trying new things even if they weren't "cool" [which they weren't...].  But at least I took risks!  :P

Brown faux leather moto jacket (also seen here): Old Navy
-Similar styles: Amazon $14.79 (on sale from $36.99), Amazon $16.99 (on sale from $64.99) or Forever 21 $27.80
Use coupon code "EXTRA" to get 15% off at for a limited time!

Light pink boatneck linen tee: J.Crew $39.50 (I got it for $5 in the store!)
-Similar styles : Forever 21 $5.80 or Forever 21 $10.80
Use promo code "BIGSALE" for an extra 30% off at for a limited time!

Dark wash skinny jeans: PacSun $10
-Similar style: Forever 21 $7.80

LC Lauren Conrad brown ankle booties: Kohl's $31.99 (on sale from $79.99)
-Similar styles: Target $22.48 (on sale from $44.99), DSW $29.94 (on sale from $70) or Amazon $32.99 (on sale from $64.95)

Silver multilayer tassel necklace (also seen here): American Eagle

How bad (& lengthy) was your "awkward stage?"  Or were you just a cool kid from Day 1?  I'm still working on that... Then again, I am a Hufflepuff, so I may never reach that status.  And that's okay ;)

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