Monday, December 1, 2014

Denim & Dressy: Jean Jacket + Dress + Scarf + Tights + Booties

Happy December!  I am being 100% serious when I say that I am beyond flabbergasted that it is already the last month of 2014.  The whole "time flies by faster the older you get" thing becomes more clear every single 365 days.  I mean, in just a few months now, I will be turning 26 (which feels a lot older than 25... and 25 seemed a lot older than 24... and so on and so forth through my early twenties).  I'm okay with growing older though.  I'm one of those very un-Type A kinds of people, and I tend to stay pretty stress-free these days, thankfully.  And, although I will always miss college, long gone are the days of staying up until 5 AM to study for ridiculously hard exams and writing 20 page papers.  Who misses those evenings?  No one.  Absolutely no one.  [If you do, I'm sorry but... you're insane.  I still love you... but you're insane.]

Denim jacket (also seen here & here): Kohl's
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Beige flare dress with lace collar detail (also seen here): Kohl's
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LC Lauren Conrad dark brown buckle boots (also seen here & here): Kohl's
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Cable knit ribbed gray tights: Target $12

Navy blue satchel handbag (also seen here, here & here): Target $39.99

Fuchsia knit infinity scarf (also seen here): Old Navy
Use promo code "ONSAVENOW" for 25% off your purchase for a limited time!

I sure do like December.  It's a whole month full of getting psyched for festivities and some of the best holidays!  What's not to love, eh?

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  1. I'm 26 and can tell you, it seems like the time is just a theme and you are flying away but what you thought you would not be ready for your there and would be bored without, getting crazy is not as fun but life sure is a whole lot more fun 😎


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