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Wishing For Whistler | Travel Bucket List

Who else is loving those holiday feels? Now that it's finally December those feelings are pretty much surrounding us, from all of the decorations at the stores to our own home decor and even on our Insta feeds. (Who can resist double tapping a hot cocoa and Elf on the TV photo? Not me, no siree.) Here in Southern California though, it doesn't quite feel like Christmas since it's still in the high 60s most days. As much as I love warm weather, around the holidays I always crave snow. This is probably because I grew up in Ohio, and waking up to a white Christmas was all a small town kid could think about on Christmas Eve. (Well, that and hopefully a room full as many presents at Dudley Dursley demands.)

This time of year in particular is when I find myself Googling those dreamy snowy places. One place that always seems to come to mind? Whistler in British Columbia, Canada. It's so beautiful there and I can't wait to actually make my travel dreams a reality one day by booking a trip. However, for the time being, sharing the reasons why Whistler is on my travel bucket list will have to suffice. Scroll down to see just why I've just gosta make it to this Winder Wonderland as soon as humanly (and budgetarily) as possible.

1. To start off, do yourself a favor and check out some of the Whistler home rentals that are available. Can you imagine starting and ending your day in one of those beauts? 😍  Seriously, I can't think of a more perfect place to cozy up with a cup of coffee when the snow is falling. Add in all-day pajama wearing, crankin' the heat up, and some spiked apple cider and you've basically created your own snowglobe to live in... and then promptly never leave again. (Let us be real here, who wouldn't want to become a recluse with a setup like that?)

2. There are plenty of highly-rated vegan and veg-friendly restaurant options in Whistler, which you know is one of the first things I look for on a trip. Honestly, walking leisurely around town, popping in and out of cafes, and checking out the local food scene is one of my favorite ways to spend a vacation. (What can I say? Food brings me great joy no matter where I am in the world.)

3. THOSE WORLD FAMOUS CANADIAN VIEWS. Personally, I could stare at a pretty landscape for hours and not get bored. That, and people. I love a good view and I love a good people watchin'. Combine them into one event and you've got a recipe for the ideal afternoon!

4. Whistler is known for world-class skiing. I've never been skiing before but it's always been something I have wanted to attempt at some point in my life. Although I have to admit that I do fear that I will be terrible at it, due to my extreme lack of coordination and all that. Even still, "a day on the slopes" (I think that's something skiers say) sounds like such a fun way to spend a vacation.

5. There is a place called Lost Lake that looks so peaceful. Yet another winter activity I have never experienced is snowshoeing. I'm already imagining bundling up, strappin' on some snowshoes, and taking a hike in the snow around the water. (And no, despite growing up in a cold climate, I've shockingly done very few of these wintertime activities. We really just went sledding in Ohio. We weren't fancy. But now I'm an adult and I am ready for a little bit of fancy!)

6. Located in Whistler Village there is Olympic Plaza. They have all kinds of things to check out there, but what excites me the most is the outdoor ice skating rink. This is a winter activity that I actually have done before! ... Buuut that doesn't mean I'm any good at it. I'm actually downright terrible. Despite not being a natural Michelle Kwan on the ice though, I still enjoy ice skating every few years. Plus, every group needs someone who is dismal at the sport so that they can point and laugh while they're off doing cool skate moves. (I am the person who gets pointed and laughed at, and yet I still find it fun; therefore, you definitely will enjoy it if you're even semi-okay at skating!)

7. Two words: NIGHT. TUBING. It's an actual thing you can do in Whistler! You can rent a snow tube at Tube Park and then slide down different lanes in said tube. I think out of all the things to try this one really sounds like the most entertaining to me. And whenever we do make it to Canada, I am making this Activity #1 on my travel to do list!

- - - - -

What are your favorite winter activities or which do you want to try out the next time you're near snow? Have you ever been to Whistler? I've been to Canada a few times with my family when I was growing up, but I've never made it to the western part of the country, unfortunately. It's been a dream of mine and Matt's for a while now to travel there, but writing this post makes me realize that we need to make this trip happen sooner rather than later! 

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