Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fun Fall Things to Do in San Diego

Raise your hand if you love to do all the fall things every October and November? 🙋 After discussing how this season always seems to get away from us each year, a friend of mine (hi, Kristen!) had the genius idea to create a spreadsheet and Google Calendar of all the fall activities we planned to do, and - here's the kicker - actually go out and do them. I know. It's a wild notion to make a plan and then stick to it but we're gonna try our damnedest! A little over a week in, and so far, so good. We've watched a scary film, we've hiked, we've art festival-ed, we've volunteered for the midterm elections (speaking of, make sure you're registered to vote here and then GO VOTE!), and we have plans for outdoor Nightmare Before Christmas-watching this weekend. We are really taking autumn by the reigns this year! Thankfully SoCal has plenty to offer us fall lovers so I thought if you're local, this list we've created may also be of benefit to you. Hope to see you out and about in this beautiful city of ours!

Hit up movies on the lawn

San Diego has some of the best year-round weather known to humankind. It may not be chilly during the days here just yet but at night the temps drop. It's a perfect opportunity to grab a warm drink, a blanket, and catch a free Halloween-themed movie at the park!

Get your #basic on and visit a pumpkin patch

Of course. This is a necessity no matter where you live. Here is a list of local SD County spots! 

Take a day trip to Knott's Berry Farm

We are headed up there at the end of this month in time for their Halloween festivities. They offer family-friendly fun during the day and spooky stuff after sunset, so there's something for everyone!

Check out Balboa Park's Haunted Trail

Honestly, I've never personally been to this before because no one I know here likes haunted houses... 😐 But I hear it is v terrifying. And I wish I could go. (Take me with you?) **Another honorable mention is The Haunted Hotel which is located downtown in the Gaslamp District. It claims to be "ranked #1 Scariest Haunt in America... and is the longest running haunted house in San Diego." (!!!)

Go on a ghost tour

San Diego has some very famous haunted spots. If you're feeling brave and looking for some paranormal activity, schedule a walking tour!

Head to Belmont Park for their Boomont & Fall Fest

Looking for something less scary and a little more family-friendly? Head to the beach to check out Belmont Park's free entertainment and festive activities. (Why not get on some rides while you're there too?)

Take a scenic drive to go apple-picking in Julian

I've discussed my love of this tiny town before (read about it here). Somehow though, I've never gone to an orchard there - and they're famous for apples! This is a must do this autumn.

- - - - -

What fall festivities are you most excited about this season? Or do you plan to cozy up at home with blankets, movies, and tea? The beautiful thing about this time of year is that all of those options are equally as appealing 🍃🍁🍂

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