Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Checked In: Gingham Dress + Sandals + Cross Body

Hi there! How was your three day weekend? (If you didn't get one, I apologize for my insensitivity and rubbing it in. I've definitely had my share of jobs where I had to work holidays, so I know the envy/pain is real.)

Matt and I spent the weekend exploring our city. Isn't that just the best part of moving to a new place? Finding new-to-you hidden gems? We checked out Shelter Island (not to be confused with Shutter Island...) and Old Town San Diego, both of which were perfect for leisurely walkabouts in the sun. We also went to the beach and posted up on some lounge chairs. It was my favorite type of weekend: extra long, full of new adventures, and a whole bunch of tasty food by the ocean. You just can't beat that if you ask me.

Blue and white gingham skater dress: Old Navy
{Similar $$$, $$$}

Brown skinny belt (also seen here): Forever 21

Brown flat studded ankle strap sandals: Old Navy
{Similar $, $$, $$$}

Neon yellow cross body bag (also seen here, herehere): Target

Tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

14K gold customized heart initial necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o JWJewelryBox

24K gold "A" initial bar necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o oNecklace

Now that it's the "unofficial" start to summer are you hanging out by the pool nonstop? That's another one of my favorite things about this move to Southern California: we can finally enjoy the great outdoors during summertime again -- which is the very best part of June - August, of course! Our past four summers were spent in the Arizona desert, where it is muuuch too hot to spend even one minute any real amount of time outside. (If you've never experienced a Phoenix summer, it is 100+ degrees every. single. day. from June - September. Don't let anyone flat out lie to you tell you any differently.)


  1. I'm all over the gingham trend, and this dress looks so summer perfect! Great choice :)


  2. yep we are by the pool all day err day! enjoy that california weather!

  3. This dress is so cute! Perfect for summer

  4. Loving all the brown accents with the gingham. Perfect look for summer.


  5. The dress is so cute. I'm still looking a dress with gingham.

  6. Love love love this dress! My weekend was really great :) Hope you have a nice week!

  7. I love this look! Hooray for summertime :)


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