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She Bangs, She Bangs [+ Summertime Casual]

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hellooo! I'd like to take a moment to welcome back something very near and dear to me... my bangs! Ohh, how I have missed them! I let them grow out because, to be totally honest with you, they tend to stick to my forehead when I get sweaty glisten. However, despite the fact that it is still 100+ degrees every single day here in Arizona, I couldn't wait another second to get them back in my life. So I just bit the bullet, chopped about 4.5 inches off my hair, and embraced my fall time haircut just a few months early. What can I say? I'm addicted to love my bangs.

Green v-neck tee shirt (also seen here): Victoria's Secret PINK
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DIY 'ed cutoff denim jorts (also seen here & here): Gap/Goodwill
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Black and gold flat sandals (also seen here): Gifted from my mom

Gold geometric necklace (also seen here): c/o StyleLately

14K gold filled "D" and "L" initial personalized heart necklace: c/o JWjewelrybox
The "D" is for my puppy, Dakota, and the "L" is for my cat/the namesake of this blog, Luna.
Use promo code "15OFF" for 15% off your purchase at JWjewelrybox for LunaVida readers!  

The pieces at JWjewelrybox are timeless and beautiful, so you should definitely check them out!
[I am thinking of getting my sister, Shannon, one of these customizable necklaces for her new little family. If you're reading this, Shan... uh, I am totally kidding ;P]

Do you switch up your hairstyle from season to season?  If I could I'd always have bangs but, unfortunately, they do become quite bothersome come May/June...


PS: Don't forget to enter the Audrey Late Creations Etsy gift card giveaway currently going on here (it ends TONIGHT)!

Speaking of the namesake of this blog: I love this little kitty loaf.


  1. Love the bangs! I actually just chopped my hair off. I feel so liberated! :)

  2. Hi Allie!

    I've stumbled across your blog from Ashley's at Beauty Flawed. You have a lovely blog! I'm a very determined to stay budgeted beauty and fashion enthusiast and so I appreciate your blog because it helps me find great deals and steals (thank you!).

    Your bangs are very pretty by the way! I had bangs for a while and now I'm letting it grow out. It's at that awkward stage where it's long but then not too long to blend in with the rest of my hair lol.

    I hope you can come by and check out my beauty blog when you have time! I would greatly appreciate you doing so!

    Take care! <3 Liz

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