Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Best Vegan Products At Trader Joe's

Update: Yes, I am still vegan. I used to think going vegan would be one of the more difficult life decisions I would ever make and stick to. It turns out this is far from reality. I've now been entirely plant-based for almost 6 months, and I have to say it so much simpler than I made it out to be in my head for so many years. One thing that makes it so easy? TRADER JOE'S. It is by far my favorite grocery store - and not just because it has the best inexpensive fresh flowers (although that certainly doesn't hurt). The reason I really, truly love T.J.'s? They have so many on-purpose vegan products, as well as plenty of "accidentally vegan" items! Below are my current favorite snacks for those who are vegan or are just trying to incorporate a little more cruelty-free into their diet. (And yes, you will quickly catch on that "delicious junk food" is the theme for these picks.)

1. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
So tasty by themselves as a treat, on top of shakes and desserts, OR even melted down for chocolate-covered strawberries!

2. Reduced Guilt Pita Chips With Sea Salt
These are so crunchy! I love them paired with hummus for a quick snack.

Image via Trader Joe's

3. Brownie Crisp
Just as with the choco chips mentioned above, I love breaking these up into small bits and spreading their cocoa goodness on cashew milk ice cream!

Image via She Finds

4. Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
This is my favorite to use in place of coffee creamer! It's sweet, thick, and perfect for a splash of taste for my morning cup o' joe.

Image via Fit Girl Food

5. Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
This may be made out of soy, but it is SO creamy. (Plus it is super affordable compared to other dairy-free ice cream brands.)

Image via Trader Joe's

6. Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai
Caffeine and vegan? Two words that make my heart very happy (as well as my tired brain).

Image via Trader Joe's

7. Marshmallows
VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS?! As in, no gelatin? And they're under $3 for a bag? AND they actually taste good? Alert the S'mores Gods, because everyone's favorite summertime fireside dessert is still on the menu, baby!

Image via Trader Joe's

- - - - -

I know I just devoted a whole post to a grocery store, but if you are recently vegan or are trying to become more cruelty-free in your diet, I hope this can be helpful on your next shopping trip. (Side note: You should totally consider buying your regular groceries here, too. Personally, we get our normal grocery supplies at TJ's - organic fruits and veggies, pasta, coffee, wine, etc. - and our bill is so much cheaper than other stores!) Plus, although most of Trader Joe's products are even labelled as "vegan" or "vegetarian" (which is so helpful and thank you so much for doing it, Trader Joe's. Like, seriously thank you), there are those few yumm-o "accidentally vegan" items that I don't want to you to miss out on! Besides, it is never fun being the person blocking the aisle, looking up ingredients on your phone to check what is or isn't safe for you to consume when you're avoiding animal products.

Trust me. I speak from much personal experience.

Now go forth and enjoy all the vegan chocolatey goodness out there!


  1. I didn't shop at TJ's much before but now that I'm getting lazier (to cook), I have found more appeal in their quick-to-table prepped meals. AND it's healthier (for my food selections anyway). Glad you have a one-stop shop for your dietary needs! :)

  2. omg yum vegan marshmallows!!!!

  3. There are sooo many more delicious vegan goodies i buy at trader joe's!
    I love the coconut milk creamer for coffee, the tempeh is fantastic and way cheaper than anywhere else (same goes for the frozen edamame), the canned dolmas are great for salads with a squeeze of lemon, the frozen meatless balls are a freezer staple, the specaloos cookies (like biscoff cookies!), puffins cereal, all of the nut butter, and surprisingly clif builder bars are almost all vegan and TJs has them cheaper than most anywhere (they're big and really filling, good for breakfast on the go)
    I'm a huge fan of TJs!!


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