Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Cat Burglar" | Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Idea

Happy Nearly Halloween! Did that sentence give you a startle? If so, I hate to be the bearer of realistic news, but Halloween is only five days away. I know, I know. It snuck up on you. Samesies! Late last week, just one day before we left for Phoenix to attend our friends' Halloween party, I realized I had no clue what to dress up as. That led to me frantically Googling and Pinteresting "simple/last minute/at home/stupid easy costume ideas." But I couldn't find anything I liked, so I started going through ideas in my mind, and looking at what I already had in my closet that I could possibly use. That's how this easy-as-pie costume idea in today's post was born: CAT BURGLAR, baby.

It's the easiest costume I could quickly think of that is unique and still cute. (And I like all things cat-themed, of course. I mean, just look at my blog's banner...) All you have to do to recreate this getup is walk into your closet, find a black beanie, a striped top, a pair of black pants, and (most likely) purchase a cat mask then - voila! Easiest costume ever. (I only had to buy three pieces to complete this costume, so the total cost I paid was under $20!)

Black and white striped long sleeve top: Ross

Black skinny jeans (also seen here & here): Old Navy

Black skinny belt (also seen here, here & here): J.Crew

Black d'Orsay flats (also seen here): American Eagle

Black knit beanie: Ross
[similar - and on sale!]

Black cat mask: Random Halloween store

Dollar sign robber bag: Homemade suuuper quickly from an old pillowcase 😅

Black gloves: Forever 21

The best part of this costume? Ditch the mask and the burglar bag, and it can easily be turned into a real outfit to wear after the Halloween parties!
(I probably should have used this opportunity to say "purr-ties" considering the costume theme.)

Black cropped moto jacket (also seen here, here & here): Forever 21

Turquoise flower ring: c/o Crown Jewelry

Silver triangle hoop drop earrings (also seen here & here): Target

Red lipstick: Ulta

Are you into homemade Halloween costumes or do you prefer the prepackaged kind? (Or are you, dare I say, not a fan of All Hallows' Eve...?!?!)

What are you planning dress up as next week? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Haha too cute! What a great costume idea.

  2. Can't miss the wonderful styling and interior at this place. As I walked upstairs, my eyes wandered about the brick wall interior and the overall décor. This is by far one of the best LA venue to organize event.


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