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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hey guys! It's Fridaaaay!!! How was your work/school week? Great, I hope! Today is my last full evening in Phoenix. Tomorrow night I take the red eye back to Tampa. It's always bittersweet leaving my family, because I hate to say goodbye but I also miss my boyfran, puppy, and cat back at home. But I digress! Today my mom and I shopped for a little (shocking!) at the outdoor mall around here, so I wore something easy, comfortable, and casual. Hope you like it!

Old Navy striped roll-cuff blouse: $12.97-$25 (It only cost $12 in store this week.)
Forever 21 dark wash skinny jeans: $10.80 (same pair I wore in my "December 26th Deals" post)
Old Navy cognac buckle boots: Old, from 2011 for about $14
-Similar styles: Payless $19.99 (on sale from $34.99), JCPenney $20 (on sale form $40), Urbanog $26.50, Urbanog $28.90LuLu*s $32 (on sale from $47) or Urbanog $37.80
*LuLu's is offering an extra 40% off on sale items with coupon code "HELLO2013"*
Adorable Dachshund and Beagle pups: Not for sale ;)
-Similar styles: Plenty of perfect puppies (& kittens!) available for adoption at your local Humane Society.  They all need a good home!

What are your plans for this weekend? Shopping for your New Year's Eve dress? Going on a date? Just relaxing after the past week of holiday madness? Let me know- especially if you don't know what to wear! I'd love to help you :)  You can leave a comment below, e-mail, tweet me, or write on the LunaVida Facebook page!


Blinded by the light, but Oskar and Emmy are so cute I had to include it!

- - - - -

And, finally, please enjoy this senior portrait remake ;)

December 26th Deals

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy "After Christmas Sales" Day!
For any of you who don't know this, "Day After Christmas" sales can be really great.  There are usually all kinds of deals and coupons for many stores on December 26th.  Annnnd I'd wager that many of you probably have a fat stack of shiny new gift cards that are begging to be used.  ("Yay!  Thanks for the free clothes, Auntie!").  If so, I'd definitely consider braving the mall today to scoop up some awesome deals if I were you.

*Some of my favorite sales of the year are currently going on now, too- Yippee!  The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale begins in stores today.  The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale is already online and starts in stores on January 2nd.*

Sooo yesterday was Christmas (just in case you didn't get the memo).  I truly hope you all had an amazing holiday with your loved ones!  In the week leading up to one of my favorite days of the year, my mom and I went shopping a lot since I've been out here in Arizona.  (In fact, we actually just got back from shopping the 12/26 sales ourselves and getting haircuts- do you like my new 'do?).  I got some really great pieces as Christmas gifts too (Thanks, family!!!) to feature in upcoming posts.  To start off, I thought I'd show you all this festive and colorful new top:


Truth NYC red heart print blouse: T.J. Maxx $12.99
-Similar styles: JCPenney $10 (on sale from $17), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $18), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $20), Forever 21 $13.86 (on sale from $19.80), Forever 21 $14.50, Old Navy $14.97 (on sale from $29.94), Old Navy $12.97-$25 or Old Navy $20
As I mentioned in my "Fashionista Feature: Mama Mia" post, a few of these Old Navy shirts were less expensive in the store than they were online, so it's worth checking out if you get a chance.  Plus, their "To: Me, From: Me" sale they have today has A-MA-ZING deals!
Forever 21 dark wash skinny jeans: $10.80
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $10.80 or Old Navy $25 (on sale from $34.50)
This polka dot pair of skinnies from Old Navy for $19.97 (on sale from $34.50) would be a cute twist on this outfit if you decide to go with one of the solid shirts instead!
Paprika flat sandals: My mom gave them to me in 2011.
-Similar styles: Old Navy $18Urbanog $19.50Urbanog $19.50 or DSW $19.94 (on sale from $50)
Ballet flats or boots would work nicely, too, for those of you who are located in a more frigid climate ;)

Target silver arrow ring: Fall 2012 on clearance for about $3.50
-Similar style: LuLu*s $8 (on sale from $11)
*Update 12/27: LuLu*s is offering an extra 40% off sale items with promo code "HELLO2013" until 1/1/13!*
Silver customized "Allie" bracelet: Bridesmaid gift from my darling friend, Sarah :)

I think a printed slouchy shirt like this one above is a great option with jeans and flats for a casual lunch with friends or worn under a blazer with heels to make it work appropriate.  It can definitely be styled multiple ways which makes it one of my new favorite finds!

So did you already go out today to shop the After Christmas sales?  Did you give and receive anything good yesterday?!  Let me know what ya got- I always love hearing from you guys :)  You can leave a comment below, e-mail, tweet me, or write on the LunaVida Facebook page!


Greetings from sunny Phoenix, Arizona! ;)

Merry Christmas to All!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I wanted to take some time tonight to wish everyone a very merry Christmas in case I don't get a chance tomorrow.  I hope you all have the most amazing holiday ever filled with lots of family time and food :) Enjoy!!!

Please disregard my face/bangs.  It was early, I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, and I obviously have no makeup on :P


PS: If you get some time, visit the amazing "daily deals" website, Very Jane.  They have boutique deals with the most adorable pieces of jewelry, clothing, key chains... you name it!  (My sister, who told me about Very Jane, over at Vintage Lace & Pearls is a huge fan and has bought quite a few things for her wedding from them.)  Plus, they are currently having a giveaway (you can sign up here if you are interested)!

But this picture below?  Totally feel free to regard my face ;) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Fashionista Feature: Mama Mia

Hi all!  A few days ago my mom & I were running errands for Christmas (and treating ourselves to pedis).  While we were out, I snapped some pictures to showcase her darling outfit to all the fellow mama readers!

Check out her colorful fashion choices below.

Old Navy green cardigan: $14.97-$22.50
These cardigans were on sale for only $10 in the store, so my advice is to buy there :)
-Similar styles: JCPenney $14 (on sale from $20), Old Navy $14.97 (on sale from $36.94) or JCPenney $20
Apt. 9 yellow tie sleeveless blouse: Old, from 2011 from Kohl's on clearance for about $6 (!)
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $6.80JCPenney $10 (on sale from $18), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $20), Forever 21 $14.50Forever 21 $17.80 or Old Navy $12.97-$25 (these were on sale for $12 in the store)
Lee dark wash trouser jeans: Old, from Kohl's in 2011 for approximately $25
-Similar styles: Old Navy $19 (on sale from $34.50), Kohl's $27.99 (on sale from $36.99), Old Navy $29.50 (on sale from $34.50) or Old Navy $29.50 (on sale from $34.50)

All of these Old Navy shirts are good options and are currently priced lower in stores than online.

Add some bright bangles and bracelets to any outfit to add some extra excitement!

Yesterday was a(nother) beautiful and sunny day here in Phoenix, so it was a perfect excuse for my mom to wear a second fun outfit to inspire all you mamacitas out there.

Apt. 9 print tie blouse: Spring 2012 at Kohl's for about $13
-Similar styles: JCPenney $10 (on sale from $17), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $18), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $20), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $20) or Old Navy $22.50 (on sale from $26.94)
Old Navy denim capris: Fall 2012 on clearance for $6 (!!!)
-Similar styles: Kohl's $18 (on sale from $36), Kohl's $19.99 (on sale from $36), Old Navy $20 (on sale from $29.94), Kohl's $22 (on sale from $44) or American Eagle $24.99 (on sale from $49.95)
* is offering an extra 40% off clearance for a limited time!*
Clarks Artisan Aldea black flats with flower detail: Spring 2012 for $70
-Similar styles: Payless $7 (on sale from $14.99), Payless $16.99 (on sale from $19.99), Payless $16.99, DSW $19.94 (on sale from $40), Payless $19.99 (on sale from $39.99) or (DSW $24.94 on sale from $50)

I think my mom is proof that no matter what your age or budget you can dress stylishly (and comfortably, because that is what my mother emphasizes most to me whenever we go shopping! :P) for a reasonable price.  After all, Mommy Dearest is where I learned to scour the sale racks first-- and how to use Ebates, too.
(Seriously, if you don't use Ebates yet, you should definitely sign up and start using it every time you shop online, because you get a percentage cash back with every purchase AND coupon codes!  My mom has been using it for years and has literally gotten over $1,300 in cash back checks just from shopping online!  Also, despite the fact that I am not a big online shopper myself, I've still gotten over $70 back... and let's be honest: getting extra money back makes shopping even more fun!)

Have any questions, specific outfit suggestions or requests?  Let me know!  Leave a comment below, e-mail, tweet me, or write it on the LunaVida Facebook page.  I love hearing from you guys :)

Merry Christmas Eve!


Oskar & I wish everyone "Happy holidays!"

Fitness Fashion

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey guys!  I'm still visiting my family in Arizona which means I have gotten to do some fun touristy stuff!  Yesterday we went on a hike through a beautiful park in Tempe called Papago Park.  Have any of you ever been there?  It is GORGEOUS.  Since the scenery was so pretty and I want to share the views with you all, a blog post based on active wear seemed like a must do!

Old Navy grey ruffled hoodie: Old, a gift from my sister Amanda in 2010
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $10Old Navy $12 or Forever 21 $15 (on sale from $17.80)
Victoria's Secret PINK dark grey oversized racerback: On sale for $10.99
(I used a $10 off coupon & a Secret Rewards card I had, so it was free!)
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $6.80Victoria's Secret $12.99 (on sale from $17.50)
or Victoria's Secret $12.99 (on sale from $19.50)
Victoria's Secret VSX blue sports bra: Old, from the Semi Annual Sale in 2011 for approximately $15
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $10.80Kohl's $17.99 (on sale from $30)
or Kohl's $17.99 (on sale from $34)
*Kohl's is offering 15% off with the promo code "COOKIES" through 12/24!*
Forever 21 navy leggings: 2 for $10 or $5.80 each

Nike black and hot pink sneakers: Old, from the DSW Clearance section in 2011 for around $30
-Similar styles: JCPenney $30 (on sale from $55), JCPenney $35,
DSW $35.94 (on sale from $70) or DSW $49.94 (on sale from $68)
(Adding tennis shoes makes it difficult to keep the entire price of the outfit under $50- sorry!
I still tried to find the least expensive- yet cute- pairs I could :D)

H&M sunglasses: Older, for about $6
-Similar styles (both from Forever 21): $5.80 or $5.80
ILY Couture purple infinity scarf: Same as the one from my
(The blue zip up sweatshirt is my mom's.  It was a frigid 58 degrees so my thin Florida blood needed another layer :P)

Hopefully wherever you are for the holidays, you get to see scenery as beautiful as this mountain was.  Whether it is a sparkling white snow, a red rock mountain, or even a blue sea Christmas, I hope it is filled with family, food, and lots of love.  (And after a few helpings of pie, I hope it is filled with stretchy leggings and an outfit as comfy as this one above!)

Continue to let me know if you have any specific requests for outfits by leaving a comment below, e-mailing, tweeting me, or writing on the LunaVida Facebook page.


 Aren't these ducks & my mom so adorable?!

Outfit Order: Disney Darling

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hi all!  Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. these past few days.  I've been in Phoenix, Arizona visiting family, so my days have been filled in the best way possible :)

I recently had a request for an outfit from Melissa H. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:
"Special req: something casual and cute that will work at any Disney theme park ;P I'll be there next week :D"

These blog post recommendations are always welcome and so fun to do!  And let's be honest, who doesn't love Disney World?!  So this post is dedicated to Melissa (and anyone else who isn't quite sure what to wear for a day of 10+ hours of walking around an amusement park while wanting to be both cute & comfy).

I checked the forecast for the days Melissa will be at Disney World this week so I could make sure the outfits were weather appropriate.  It is supposed to be mostly sunny with one day having a high of 81 & a low of 50 degrees and the next day dropping to a high of 61 degrees & a low of 42.  The outfits below reflect this weather and can easily be layered to keep warm at night when the temp drops.

During the day try out big sunglasses, an off the shoulder sweater, skinny jeans, and flats:

(Say hello to Oskar & Emmy!)

As the temperature falls you can throw on an infinity scarf to keep warm (and stylish).

Old Navy slouchy striped sweater: Old, from 2011 for about $10
* is offering 20% with promo code "ONHURRY," but it ends today so act fast!*
Forever 21 dark wash skinnies: Old, from 2010 for about $11
TOMS silver lace slip on shoes: Stole these babies from my mom ;) You can buy them for $58.
-Similar styles: Payless $16.99 or Payless $19.99
The ILY Couture purple infinity scarf is the same one from my "Work It: What's SUITable?" post that I got through a Living Social deal.

Another option for the next day at the theme park is a grandpa cardi and Converse sneakers:

Forever 21 sky blue grandpa cardigan: Old, from 2010 for about $13
Old Navy lace trimmed white tank top: (Very) old from around 2006
Same Forever 21 dark skinny jeans as above
Grey Converse sneakers: Old, from Journeys in 2007 on sale for about $35
-Similar styles (All from Payless): $9$14.99 or $22.99

As you can see, my general rule when I go to any place like an amusement park is definitely keep it light, comfortable, and basic.  Hopefully these outfits inspire your own next trip!

Thanks again for the request, Melissa!

If you want help with an outfit, too, let me know by leaving a comment below, e-mailing, tweeting me, or writing on the LunaVida Facebook page.  I love to get them!


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