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Stripin' Up Conversation: Black & White Dress + Pink Flats

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hi all! I am loving the spring time feelings that are going around lately. It makes me reminiscent of last year around this time. We just had our one year anniversary of moving to Arizona from Florida, and what an awesome decision it turned out to be. Just over a year ago, Matt and I got rid of most of our belongings, packed up everything else that was left, and moved from Tampa to Phoenix (along with Luna, Dakota, and a litter box in tow) in one tiny Mazda 3. The road trip out west was super fun, and we have so many amazing memories from it. Since officially getting out here, life has only been filled with more happy moments and opportunities. We truly feel like this is "our place." We've got jobs that we love, a hilarious group of friends, Kingsley came into our lives, and my mom and stepdad are just 30 minutes away for the first time since I was in high school. It's really where we're meant to be at this time in our lives. (Now, if only we could get my sisters to move out here, too!!!)

Black & white striped dress: Old Navy
-Similar styles: Cotton On $10 (on sale from $14.95), Forever 21 $12.80Forever 21 $19.80 or Old Navy $34.94
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Pink pointed toe flats (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy
-Similar styles: Amazon $12.99 (on sale from $24.99), Amazon $16.99DSW $29.94 (on sale from $55) or DSW $29.94 (on sale from $85)

I cannot believe we've already lived in 'Zona for a whole year already! I feel like we just got out here. Life is moving fast, man. No joke... Have you made any big life changes recently? Or have plans to in the near future? If you do (or if you don't, but just keep dreamin' of it), my advice is to just do it already! You won't regret it (whatever "it" may be :D).

[Not So] Fancy Florals: Tee + Skinnies + Flats

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey there, guys!  How is life these days?  Things here in the AZ are great :)  Our foster dog, Kingsley, has settled in quite nicely (but he has kennel cough - the poor dude).  He and Dakota are the absolute best of friends.  Luna and Kingsley, on the other hand... we're still working on that relationship.  Do any of you lovely LunaVida readers have tips for introducing an eight pound kitty to a gigantic St. Bernard mix?  (Any advice that you have at all helps!!)  For now, we are just taking it nice and slow with the introduction process and letting the cat call the shots (as it should be in all aspects in life).

Ooh, and be sure to check out Instagram (@alliegee319) to see all the cute photos of the babes!

Light pink crewneck t-shirt (also seen here): J.Crew $39.50
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LC Lauren Conrad floral printed skinny jeans (also seen here & here): Kohl's
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Brown pointed toe studded flats (also seen here, here & here): Target $9.98 (on sale from $19.99)

Silver rings: Kohl's and H&M

Titanium and Koa wooden ring: c/o Altin Place

What spring trends have you been busting out lately?  It's already starting to get prett-ay hot here in Phoenix, so I've been wearing pants as often as possible (in order to fit them in before it's officially summer and 100+ degrees every single day, of course).

Springtime Happiness {& A Big Announcement!}

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Soooo, guys... Matt & I have some big news to share...

No, we aren't pregnant.

       No, we aren't engaged.

            No, we aren't moving again.

Yes, we have a new addition to our family!!!

Meet our new foster doggie, Kingsley!  He is a 1.5 year old St. Bernard/Leonberger mix from the shelter where I work and, if he and Luna get along, he will soon be the newest member of the Gunter-Harrison household!

He is as sweet, gentle, and kind as they come, and we already love him to pieces.

Light pink & white retro striped swimsuit: c/o Beverly Swimwear
Be sure to check out Beverly Swimwear's adorable vintage-inspired swimsuits.  They are custom made, have tons of different fabrics available, and are right on trend!  Get your order in soon, because summer is on its way, people ;)

Gap cutoff denim shorts (also seen here & here): DIY'ed

Brown & green flat sandals (also seen here): Target

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our's was just amazing!! It was Dakota's 2nd birthday on Saturday.  I just can't believe she is already two years old - she is still my baby!  Matt and I are so lucky she came into our lives :')

Speaking of Kota's birthday, that is also the day when we took Kingsley home with us.  They are the best of friends, and I love seeing them bond so quickly.  Just the sweetest.  The absolute sweetest.

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Thinking Pink: Tee + Moto Jacket + Jeans + Ankle Booties

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hi gals (and maybe a few guys...? ...)!  So the other day I came across a scrapbook box of old letters, awards, photos, etc. that I hadn't seen in YEARS.  It took me right back to the olden days of the early 2000s.  Right back to when I first started dressing myself as a teenager and thinking I looked super cool.  Uh, Pre-teen Allie.  Newsflash: you had the longest awkward phase of anyone on Planet Earth.  Looking at these pictures made me feel like from approximately 2001-2006 I was just one huge brace-face, polo-wearing nerd-o.  It makes me extra grateful that I had such loving friends who stuck by me even during that half a decade or so of 100% geek (and no chic is included in that... whatsoever).  But, hey!  To give myself some credit, I was always into trying new things even if they weren't "cool" [which they weren't...].  But at least I took risks!  :P

Brown faux leather moto jacket (also seen here): Old Navy
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Light pink boatneck linen tee: J.Crew $39.50 (I got it for $5 in the store!)
-Similar styles : Forever 21 $5.80 or Forever 21 $10.80
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Dark wash skinny jeans: PacSun $10
-Similar style: Forever 21 $7.80

LC Lauren Conrad brown ankle booties: Kohl's $31.99 (on sale from $79.99)
-Similar styles: Target $22.48 (on sale from $44.99), DSW $29.94 (on sale from $70) or Amazon $32.99 (on sale from $64.95)

Silver multilayer tassel necklace (also seen here): American Eagle

How bad (& lengthy) was your "awkward stage?"  Or were you just a cool kid from Day 1?  I'm still working on that... Then again, I am a Hufflepuff, so I may never reach that status.  And that's okay ;)

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How Do You Like Meow? Graphic Tee + Military Jacket + Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi there, guys! Did you know I love cats? Because I do. I really, really do. (Just check out the name of this very blog for proof - it's inspired by my very own kitty, Luna Lovegood.) I just think they are the funniest, most magical/mystical/entertaining, and interesting little fuzzballs. The fact that people live life without a cat in their home just blows my mind... This shirt I'm wearing in today's post really expresses my true feelings about our feline friends. I mean, the people need to know!

Army green cargo jacket (also seen here, here & here): Forever 21
-Similar styles: Amazon $15 (on sale from $46.99), Amazon $15.99 (on sale from $79.99), Forever 21 $32.80 or Old Navy $39.94
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Rock n' roll cat cutout back top: H&M $10

Ralph Lauren dark wash skinny jeans: Macy's
-Similar style: Forever 21 $7.80

Brown pointed toe studded flats (also seen here, here & here): Target $9.98 (on sale from $19.99)


Are you cat obsessed, too? Do you understand my love for them? Orrr do you think I'm the strangest person on the Planet Earth now?

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