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Droid Diaries: Crossing the Country

Monday, April 29, 2013

What's up, guys?  Is your Monday going well??  I sure hope so!

Things here in Arizona are going amazingly :)  As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to write a little bit crap-load more about my boyfriend and mine's journey across the country from Tampa, Florida all the way to Phoenix, Arizona.  Although we moved last week, this was a plan long in the making.  This move is something both of us have wanted for a hot minute -- pretty much since we graduated from college in December 2011.

Going back even farther, I made my first big move from Loveland, Ohio to Tampa, Florida in August 2007.  I was fortunate enough to be able to go out of state for college, thanks to the fact that my dad lived in Florida (therefore, I was able to receive in-state tuition).  The 5.5 years I lived in Florida were all spectacular; however, I always knew I wouldn't be living in Florida forever.  I personally feel like I am too young to settle in one place, so I promised myself I'd eventually "get out" once again.

If there is one negative thing I see on Facebook time and time again (especially from people that went to my high school in Ohio) it is the fact that they want to "get out/leave/escape/adventure out of _insert state_."  I realize not everyone has been as lucky as I am as far as being able to go out of state for college since it is usually so expensive.  If anyone is reading this, though, that keeps wishing to "get out," I really hope you listen to this: GET OUT.  Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Singapore, Canada, Russia... wherever you are right now, wherever you want to go, you really should do it if you want to.  Do it.  Now.  Stop waiting for the perfect moment.  It is not going to come.  It is up to you to start applying to jobs/finding a place to live/networking in the city you want to be in.  Now.  Not later.

Most of these people who I see on Facebook writing statuses about their yearning to leave their respective towns are in their twenties.  Let me tell you yet another thing I've realized: You will always find an excuse to stay in your comfort zone.  But before you know it, you may miss your chance.  You might be having kids and trying to find a place (most likely close to where you currently are) with perfect school districts or already so deep into your post-grad job that you feel too secure to venture out into the unknown-- dare I say "the uncomfortable."  You're young and it is one of your best chances to see the world or live in the place that isn't known for it's excellent rated schools -- if that is what you want.  If that's not your thing, totally understandable.  I loved growing up in a small town and not everyone wants to move, I 100% get and respect that.  However, for those of you who are writing these statuses every few weeks about how you must "get out," my only advice is to start planning... and start that planning right now.  Get off LunaVida [I mean, right after you finish reading this post, of course ;D] and Google the city you've been dreaming of.  You could be will get there.

This is how we spent our last full day living in Florida.
We went to a beautiful wedding on Anna Maria Island the night before and spent the next day at their beach house.  We are so darn blessed.

Congratulations to Tara & Brian!
It was such a gorgeous ceremony and the reception was a blast.

Everything that we took with us on our 4 day/2,097 miles/7 states-long trip was in this tiny Mazda3
(along with Matt, Luna, Dakota, and me!)

Our version of a family photo - Great success...... :/

The wide open road, baby!

Can you spot the Dakota?

We stayed the first night in lovely Biloxi, Mississippi with a friend of Matt's from high school.
Thank you again, Kevin!

Matt got me this handmade ring in New Mexico along the way.

--- Below are some recent photos that aren't related to our road trip :D ---

Saying goodbye to the lovely Sarah, my college friend, suitemate & fellow Ohioan // Dakota turned a year old on April 19th.  This puppy picture of her melts my heart :)

My latest #OOTD post // #ThrowBackThursday with my sissy, Shannon

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PS: I truly don't mean to sound judgmental in this post.  Forgive me if it comes across that way at all.  I know not everyone has the ability to just "get up and go."  The point I want to make is the need to get moving on your moving plans.  Even if you can't go this very second, you can start planning/dreaming/doing and who knows?  Maybe you'll be ready to go the next time the renewing your lease conversation comes up!

Arizona living :)

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  1. Hope you love Arizona!! We have good friends that live there & they absolutely love it!

    1. Thank you so much! We love it here so far :)



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