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SPOTTED: Shift Dress + Tights + Ankle Booties

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy weekend!

I remember the ol' days when I used to have actual weekends off on Saturday and Sunday. Now I work a varying schedule, and it usually includes working both weekend days. I'm truthfully not complaining though, because I love my job and that makes it worth it for sure. It does, however, put a cramp in mine and Matt's dating life though - not gonna lie. He works a "normal" Monday through Friday 8-5 job, and I usually don't get home from work until almost 8 PM most nights. It's definitely different than we're used to, but we've managed to work around it and adapt. It just means the nights I do have off, we absolutely make ourselves go on a date night, no matter how tired/lazy/etc we feel. Gotta keep the spark alive, right?!

This outfit below is one I recently wore out to dinner and drinks at one of our new favorite local places, Modern Margarita.  (If you are in the North Phoenix or Scottsdale area, you have to go there!) They have the most amazing appetizers, veggie tacos, and margaritas. The portions are perfect for getting lots of various little things from the menu and splitting them with others. SO good. Anyways - back to the outfit. I love a shift dress, like this one, for date night. Comfy, yet still semi-dressed up. Adding in tights [yay for it being cool enough to wear 'em!], a statement necklace, and ankle booties amps up the "night out" (and warmth) factor.

LC Lauren Conrad cream & black polka dot shift dress: Kohl's $30 (on sale from $60)
Use promo code "JAN15" for 15% off your purchase for a limited time!

Black tights: Target $4.50
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $5.80 or Kohl's $10

Black ankle booties (also seen here): Target
-Similar styles: Amazon $13.99Target $17.98 (on sale from $29.99), Payless $29.99 (on sale from $39.99) or Forever 21 $32.80

Black & white printed coat (also seen here): Muse Apparel

Sterling silver & diamond flower earrings: Gifted from my lovely boyfriend :)

Silver statement necklace (also seen here): American Eagle $4

What do you wear for date night? For me, I tend to "over dress" for dates, because 5 days out of the week I'm wearing jeans, a uniform polo, and TOMS.  I feel like my nights out are my only chance to really get did up, ya know? I gotsta make 'em count!

PS: I sincerely apologize for the extreme amount of photos. My sister and niece were here too, and I had to include them in the post, of course ;D


  1. Adorable! Love that dress.


  2. you look so super cute! i am totally obsessed with that dress. i tend to overdress for date nights & other occasions too -- there aren't enough opportunities to get fancy!



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