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Summer Scene: Milkmaid Braids & a Maxi Dress

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey there, hi there!  Matt & I were talking about the term "dog days of summer" today.  Does anyone know where it came from?  Wherever its origin though, it was the only string of words that could appropriately describe today.  PHEW.  It was SO hot here in Phoenix.  And so very sunny.  Like, so sunny that it felt like the sun was just 10 feet away from my delicate epidermis.  What better way to deal with such extreme desert heat rather than a whole day spent in the pool though?  Therefore, we put on our bathing suits (and sunscreen) and just straight lounged in the water until we turned into one giant prune.

Now that is how the dog days of summer are meant to be spent.  (Oh, and if you're not in the pool, they're meant to be spent wearing a breezy maxi dress & milkmaid braids combo.  It's the rule.)

White, black & blue printed strapless maxi dress: Old Navy
-Similar styles:  Forever 21 $13.80Forever 21 $19.80 or Old Navy $29.94 (on sale from $36.94)

Beige flat sandals (also seen herehere & here): Old Navy
-Similar styles: Amazon $9.99, DSW $19.94 (on sale from $65) or Target $19.99

White laser cut vegan leather handbag (also seen here): DSW

Are you near any body of water?  Has your skin all but fallen off from staying in that particular body of water for hours on end, in order to avoid the summer heat?

Lastly, I'll share this gem of a photo, courtesy of my lovely sister's photographic direction [I just love her.  She's prettyyy funny]:


  1. You are very pretty. I like that you don't have any tattoos, or at least any that are visable.


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