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How I Whitened My Teeth At Home: Teeth Whitening Giveaway & Review with Smile Brilliant

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hi there! Since I moved to Southern California, I bet so many people [read: maybe two, tops] assumed my skin would get tanner, my hair would get blonder, and my teeth would get whiter. Well, seeing as my skin is pretty fair, a tan just signifies the oncoming danger of wrinkles for me. As for blonde hair? See previous fair complexion example; thus, blonde just would not work for me. But whiter teeth? That I can get down with. And due to my love of the finer things in life (being coffee, tea, and wine), my teeth have become pretty stained in my adult life. (And come on, no one likes coffee stained teeth, right?) Honestly no matter where I live, I would want whiter teeth, which is why I am so excited to share my partnership with Smile Brilliant in today's post!

If you're like me and have wanted to try a teeth whitening kit for awhile but were way too scared, then I highly recommend trying out Smile Brilliant. (For me personally, I was nervous about my already extremely sensitive teeth permanently feeling like I was biting into ice cream for the rest of my days. I also had night terrors of turning into Ross from the episode where he gets his teeth whitened and they literally glow. Dramatic? Yes. Unrealistic? Sure. A real fear of mine? Uh. Ya.)

Of course I expected my teeth to be whiter at the end of the process (that is what "teeth whitening" generally does after all...), but I can't believe how natural it looks after just 10 at-home sessions.

- - - - -

As I mentioned previously though, I was terrified about actually starting the teeth whitening process; however, my anxiety was set aside when I read the detailed instructions and information before I started my at-home treatment. Just as Smile Brilliant warned, I did have sensitivity for the first few times (I made sure to only wear my trays for 45-60 minutes for the first few sessions, just to be safe - and I religiously used the lifesaving desensitizing gel!). I also saw the white marks on my teeth from my braces many years ago [Thanks a lot, teenage orthodontia. No, seriously. Thank you. My teeth were jacked before you.] that they warned could temporarily brighten. I would've straight up freeeaked if they hadn't mentioned it, but Smile Brilliant is tho-rough, my friends.

If you're thinking about whitening your teeth at home, read Smile Brilliant's "7 Things To Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening" and watch this video to show you how it all works. They'll help put any nerves at ease.

My experience with Smile Brilliant was fantastic from beginning to end. From the amazing customer service, to the super quick shipping of my custom fitted teeth whitening trays, and finally with the actual results, I cannot recommend this company enough. (Plus, it's vegan!)

Luckily for LunaVida readers, Smile Brilliant is giving you the chance to win a teeth whitening kit of your own! One winner will win a $139 credit for a T3 sensitive kit with trays.

Enter to win here!
(Giveaway ends two weeks from today)

 You can also receive 5% off from Smile Brilliant with coupon code "lunavidablog"

[PS: How many times can I say "teeth" in one post?]

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This post was in partnership with Smile Brilliant. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own opinions and text.


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  2. Love reading your review about teeth whitening I'm using one I purchased from my dentist but I haven't seen much of a difference.


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