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The Top 12 Late 1990s and Early 2000s Movies

Friday, March 24, 2017

Has anyone seen any good movies recently? I feel like there haven't been a ton of great films out in a hot minute (other than La La Land. I f*cking loved La La Land, just like every other sane person). You know what I miss though? Late '90s and early 2000s movies. You know which ones I mean: Save the Last Dance, Never Been Kissed, Legally Blonde, She's All That, Bedazzled. (Just kidding. Bedazzled is a trash movie, even I can admit that.) Yes, they do make me nostalgic, which never hurts, but movies also were just so fun back then. Sure, sure, the acting was usually subpar (minus Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. He was always perfect). And the story lines usually lacked any real grit. But my god were (and still are, because if I see one on Netflix I will watch it, every single time) they entertaining. That's the true Golden Age of Film, if ya ask me. (And I think the Academy would agree with me.)

Thus, for your reading pleasure today, I take you on a journey of my "Top 12 Late 1990s and Early 2000s Movies" as judged by preteen me.

12.) Save the Last Dance
UGH. THE EMOTIONS. I remember crying a lot in this one. It proved the true love can overcome all sorts of barriers.

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11.) Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Nonstop laughs. I can (and have) watch it 40 times and still crack up at these two Post-it creators.

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10.) Coyote Ugly
I was always afraid my parents would find out I watched this movie, because it was a biiit too sexy for a Midwestern middle schooler, what with all that exposed midriff shimmying on the bar and all. Who can resist the songs and dancing though? Oh, and Tyra Banks.

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9.) Center Stage
Ballerinas, forbidden romance, eating disorders, fierce competition, cattiness... DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA. I ate it up. Honestly, Center Stage earns a spot on this list from that last dance scene alone. If you have no clue what I am talking about or want a refresher you can watch it here. (How cool is her hairdo? And red outfit?!)

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8.) She's All That
A romance tale for the ages, this one. Spoiler alert: rich, popular athlete falls for glasses-wearing nerd-o. Who coulda seen that one coming?

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7.) Never Been Kissed
Drew Barrymore. I need not say anything more.

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6.) Legally Blonde
Freaking Elle Woods. Where do I begin? She is lovable, has amazing hair, and her pink outfits are what dreams are made of. Plus (another spoiler alert) she goes to Harvard Law. ("What? Like it's hard?")

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5.) Clueless
"As if!" This was the quintessential 90s movie. I mean, Cher's computer program that helped pick out her outfit launched a billion girls' lifelong dreams. I'm still waiting for it to come around.

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4.) Bring It On
This gets such a high ranking A) because it is hilarious and B) I was actually a cheerleader when it came out. (Stop laughing. I know it's hard to believe.)

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3.) Spice World
It stars the Spice Girls AND it features cameos from Elton John, Alan Cumming, and aliens? Girl power home run!

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2.) Mean Girls
There's a reason it's one of the most quoted movies of all time. (And I'll never stop rooting for a Lindsay Lohan comeback!)

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1.) 10 Things I Hate About You
Matt and I actually bonded over this "chick flick" early on in our relationship. He wasn't afraid to admit it is one of the greatest films of our generation. (He even bought me this DVD for one of the first gifts he ever gave me and I still watch it today!) Therefore, this may earn the top spot because it's partially nostalgia, but really Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger, Andrew Keegan, Alex Mack Larisa Oleynik, and a fake baby belly to scare teens away from getting pregnant?! ALL STAR CAST.

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Honorable Mention: Radio
It's a fantastic movie, but I personally can't rank it in the Top 12. "Why, you monster?!" one may ask? Well, back in 10th grade I went to the movie theater to see Radio in a group - which included a guy who was a grade older than me that I had a HUGE crush on. Not 15 minutes into the movie, I am crying shuddering from sobbing so hard, with snot all over my entire face and hands, that this particular story has now become one of my most embarrassing anecdotes for whenever someone thinks they had an embarrassing teenage life.
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Now it feels like a perfect time to pull out all of these DVDs and have a marathon this weekend in honor of these classics. 🙏

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What were your favorite adolescent movies? Do you agree with my picks? Or have you committed a grave sin and have yet to watch all of them?! (If so, stop Internet'ing and go watch - right now!)

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  1. LITERALLY ALL MY FAV MOVIES. "What's a Bogey Lowenstein?" Love this and you!!

  2. I feel so out of it. The only ones of these I have seen is Mean Girls and Legally Blonde (both exceptional.)
    I really need to get watching some movies! To be honest, I can't even keep up with the latest movies released, let alone the older ones.


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