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Vegan Holiday Gift Guide [& Giveaway!]

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Hey there, holiday fans! Knowing what to gift your plant-based, cruelty-free living loved ones can seem daunting if it's not a lifestyle that you adhere to personally. What if (s)he hates it? What if I don't even know what "vegan" really means? Is vegan the same as gluten-free? (Answer to the last one: No. No, it is not the same.)

Fear not, kind people who wish to shower their vegan friends with a present or two. To make it easier on you for loving a vegan, I have a created a gift guide that doesn't include wool, silk, leather, feathers, milk, eggs, angora, etc. These items don't even contain trace amounts of animal products so you should be in the clear, sweet soul! (And if you are a vegan reading this, feel free to share this gift guide with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink in your letter to Santa Claus this year.)

And hey, even if you don't know any vegans it never hurts to purchase goods that no animals were harmed in the making of! We all should support the businesses and products that align with our beliefs (and who doesn't adore animals living happy, long lives? 😊)

Stocking Stuffers

"Vegan" Knee-High Socks - I know you're not supposed to buy socks for people, but doesn't that also make it a funny stocking stuffer option? (Or does this make you judge my sense of humor in a negative light? ...) Plus, we vegans tend to wear it on our calves sleeves. And with these high socks you get all the winter coziness one craves minus the wool that so many socks have!

Seattle Chocolates Assorted Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle Bars - My mom got this bundle of three chocolate bars for me last Christmas and it is now my favorite chocolate brand. All three flavors in the gift set taste amazing (and I totally intend to buy this for myself in 3... 2... 1).

Gifts Under $25

"Thug Kitchen" The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck - I've mentioned this book previously and here I am talkin' about it again. That's because it really is that good. The whole cookbook series is fantastic - and funny to boot.

Pacifica Roll-On Perfume Trio - I have this fragrance set; therefore I can personally vouch for how downright deeeeeee-licious it smells. All three scents are so good and this brand is entirely vegan and cruelty-free!

Gifts Under $50

Go Customized Personalized Cell Phone Case - Personalized presents are always nice since it means you took the extra time to really think about the person. For this gift, you choose the electronic device you want to get a case for and then design it however you please! Why not put a picture of your vegan pal's beloved pet on a case? Sweet and sentimental! They're sure to love it. (For my iPhone case courtesy of Go Customized, I chose a photo of Matt and Dakota overlooking one of our favorite spots in Del Mar. I've already dropped my phone multiple times -- #accidentprone -- and it hasn't scratched up even the tiniest bit! I am obsessed with it.)

Enter at the end of this post for a chance to win your own personalized phone case from Go Customized!
(Second place winner gets 35% off their purchase.)

Custom Monogram Ring - Monogrammed jewelry is timeless and classic. You just can't go wrong with it. There's a reason so many people love the look, no matter what their style may be.

Thoughtful Gifts That Give Back

"My Favorite Breed is Rescued" Cuff Bracelet - Purchasing a bracelet like this one from LemonBug lets your plant-based pal share their passions via their accessories. It also donates money to the featured animal rescue or charity of your choice. Win-win!

"I Just Want To Hang With My Dog" T-shirt - I can personally vouch for this shirt from The Daily Tay because I own it and it is my favorite ever. What's even better? When you buy it 20% of profits are donated to an animal shelter and you get to support a small business. (I also think this shirt would be a hit with the kitty lovers of the world. It donates money to animals, as well!)

Custom Pet Portrait - Companion animals, art, and a donation made to local shelters all in one purchase? This is a vegan gift goldmine, people.

If material goods aren't your friend's thing then consider asking for a charity they would like you to donate to in their honor. Personally, I'm skipping asking for any gifts this year and I'm asking for people to instead give to The Humane League. (Shameless plug here: if you would like to help farm animals this holiday season you can donate here to a fundraiser I am a part of. Thanks for any support at all. Every dollar counts. Plus through the end of the year, a donor has agreed to match every dollar 2:1 which means your donation would be tripled to help more animals! Psst - if you donate at least $1 it will also count as five entries into the giveaway below!)

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What's on your winter wish list? Was this vegan gift guide helpful at all? I hope it was because I do realize that navigating veganism can be intimidating if you aren't familiar with it. Really though, I promise it's not scary at all. Whatever you decide to give them I recommend just checking labels for animal byproducts, or make it even simpler by sticking to brands that are labeled as vegan (such as Pacifica) and you'll be good to go. Your plant-based bud(s) will be so appreciative that you took the time and energy to respect their lifestyle. And isn't that the best present of all? 😊 Happy holidays, everyone.

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  1. In-ear earbuds - Custom box - white I love that you can have a picture put on there items it makes them so special. I just found your blog nice giveaway. Love clothes accessories etc

  2. I would love to get a customized iphone case with my family photos!

    I enjoy your styling posts.

    I like seeing your outfits.

  4. Great list! I really like the cuff bracelet and the tee-shirt!

  5. I like the Custom Wallet cases! My dad would really like one of those

  6. Mmm those chocolate bars look good! I definitely want those!

  7. "My Favorite Breed is Rescued" Cuff Bracelet is super cute!

  8. The Seattle chocolate looks good

  9. These are all such unique finds! Great ideas

  10. These are all such unique finds! Great ideas

  11. I didn't realize you were a vegan girl! Love all these ideas!


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