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Going Green As A Family

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

As a family it can be difficult to go green overnight, despite knowing how important it is that our planet is looked after. Since watching things like Blue Planet II, hearing about recent changes in the news (like the banning of plastic straws for example), etc., it’s apparent that our environment is finally starting to come to the forefront.

When you have children, it’s easy to see how much waste you create as a household. There are the endless diapers, toys, and pieces of individually wrapped food packaging that remind us every day of the size of our household waste. So what can we change at home? How can we make a difference, kids or no kids?

Any reduction in waste is great, and worth doing, but it’s not really possible to have a waste-free life. BUT if everyone reduced their waste it could make a massive change. So here are some tips that hopefully you’ll be able to implement, make into regular habits, and make your family greener for the future.

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Shake up your shopping

Shopping is a big issue when it comes to waste. There’s the packaging, the plastic bags, and even the transportation you use to get there.
  1. Buy in bulk when you can to prevent buying individually wrapped items.
  2. Buy loose items where you can. Packing loose vegetables in a reusable tote bag rather than taking a disposable bag will prevent you taking more plastic home. 
  3. Take your own shopping bags. A good tip to help you remember is to leave some reusable bags in your car or your handbag so you always have one or two with you. 

Support Green Businesses

There are many green companies around that you could support. For example, there are companies that make toothbrushes out of recycled materials instead of plastic, or companies like Shiply that carpool deliveries to reduce emissions.Take a look at the companies you use regularly that you think could perhaps benefit from being greener and see if you can make the switch. 

Say no to unnecessary plastic

Do you really need a straw in your drink? If not, consider asking for no straw when you’re eating out. Do you really need a plastic bag for a tiny purchase from the supermarket that can easily fit in your pocket? Get into the habit of saying "No thanks" and over time you’ll prevent a lot of plastic from being thrown away and ending up in our oceans.

Fix, don’t replace

As clothing and electronics get cheaper, it’s easy to throw something away when it’s damaged or there’s an upgrade available. Try where you can to fix things rather than replace, like clothes that can be resized or reused, or shoes that can be re-heeled or stitched. Giving an item a second life could save you a lot of money and teaches your family to savour what they have. If you can’t feasibly have something fixed, make sure you consider recycling it responsibly.

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How do you make your family life greener?

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