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Droid Diaries: Hellooooo, New York!

Friday, February 22, 2013

I lied.  I said I wouldn't blog while I was on vacation.  And here I am, blogging in the JFK airport terminal the first hour I am in New York.

However, I now find myself officially in NYC and having some time to kill before my friend comes to pick me up.  So that means you get an Instagram update - lucky you! :P

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Dakota sleeps in the weirdest places.
So does Luna.
 Packing for New York was not going well for me last night.
[Can you spot the kitty?]
 The sunrise this morning while I was on the plane.
[Thanks, "Airplane Mode."]
It was 3 AM and I was on my way to the airport on zero sleep.
[I already miss my furry ladies!]

Old Navy white & navy striped top (also seen here): Old, from 2010 or so.
Forever 21 dark wash skinny jeans: $10.80
Target cognac wedge boots (also seen... everywhere in my life the past few weeks): $17.48

So I apologize for lying to you all and saying I wouldn't be blogging... but I felt I could at least be semi-productive since I have some time to kill before my NYC adventures officially begin (and also because Jet Blue is so nice to offer free Wi-Fi ;D).

Oh yeah, PS: it is COLD here!!  For all of you who don't live in warm climates, in the 5.5 years I have lived in Florida, I had forgotten what winter is like and I commend you for being such weather warriors.


Comfy, Cozy, Casual | Sweatshirt + Colored Skinnies + Riding Boots

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hi! How is your week going so far? We're almost to the weekend now! As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to NYC tomorrow morning to visit my best friend. I am so excited to be having a post-grad "Spring Break" trip to see her! I have never been to New York before but have always wanted to go; therefore, my level of being psyched is through the roof.

An issue that has been on my mind, however, is what to pack. One of the reasons I am worried about packing is because it is cooold up there and I don't have many warm clothes anymore. I got rid of most of them when my mom and stepdad moved from my childhood home in Ohio to Phoenix, because I obviously don't need a parka in Arizona or Florida ;P The other reason I am nervous is because I want to dress amazingly while I am up there - it is New York after all! I need to be comfortable yet cute and cozy for all the miles of walking we will be doing to see the sights. I will have to scrounge through my closet today and get creative with my summery selection of Florida clothes!

[My deepest apologies for how my hair looked today... 😳]

Xhilaration cream lace sweatshirt: Target $12.58 (It's even cheaper online- just $6.28!)
Mossimo burgundy skinny jeans (also seen here and here): Target $11.48 (on sale from $22.99)
Cognac wedge boots (also seen here and here): Target $34.99 (I got them on sale in the store for $17.48.)
[I obviously really like these boots since I seem wear them with everything now.]

This was quite the Target-filled outfit, wasn't it?!

Greek-inspired gold leaf headband: Target for about $3 in 2011
-Similar style: Amazon $5.99 
Customized "Santorini" map gold locket/necklace (also seen here): Etsy $22
You can have your own map locket custom made too. It can be a map of pretty much anywhere!
-Similar style: Forever 21 $5.80
Turquoise stone gold ring: PacSun for about $4 in 2012
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $5.80 or Amazon $7.50

What do you think is appropriate to wear for a February trip to New York? Do you take the stylish route with lots of chic clothes or stick to practical pieces for comfort? Do you have any NYC advice for me? I'd love to hear any of it. I am totally intimidated by my suitcase, but it must get done tonight - I have to leave for the airport at 3:30 AM!

Side note: I won't be blogging while I am on vacation, but I will back in action next week when I return :)


PS: CUTEST STORY EVER! Otters are my all-time favorite animal, so this story is extra "awww" inducing. I mean, for real, an otter learned to play basketball to treat his arthritis!

Wish List Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's time again fooooor...

Gaze below to see what has me drooling this week:

Black floral high waisted shorts: $15.66
Free worldwide shipping for a limited time & 15% off for students!

Forever 21 blue & white polka dot belted A-line dress: $24.80

LC Lauren Conrad pink lace and tulle dress: Kohl's $25.60 (on sale from $64)
[So girly & frilly & lovely!]

LC Lauren Conrad black lace satin dress: Kohl's $25.60 (on sale from $64)

Forever 21 navy blue blazer: $13.99 (on sale from $27.80)

Forever 21 red double breasted hooded coat: $21.99 (on sale from $44.80)

Black cotton slouchy tank top: Cotton On $7.50 (on sale from $9.95)

"Crazy Cat Lady" T-shirt: Etsy $24
[My weekly cat choice, of course]

LC Lauren Conrad grey & silver polka dot sweater: Kohl's $21.60 (on sale from $54)

LC Lauren Conrad gold stone stud earrings: Kohl's $5.60 (on sale from $14)

What is topping your Want It list right now?  This week I am trying not to spend much money because I am going to New York City on Friday morning to visit my best friend from college, Chelsea!  I need to save all the dinero I can in order to live it up a little while on vacation :D  [BTW I AM SO EXCITED!]

If you do any online shopping this week, don't forget to sign up for Ebates to get cash back every time you shop online!


PS: Check out another adorable story about a disabled animal who got a new lease on life with a custom wheelchair.  This time it's a goldfish!

Loving this dedicated fish parent :')

Bold & Blue, Baby

Monday, February 18, 2013

Merry Monday to all!
Did you guys have a good weekend? My boyfriend and I were in Orlando with my sister, Shannon, and brother-in-law, Ross, for their BABY SHOWER! I am so excited for my first ever baby niece to be born in April and celebrating her soon-to-be appearance in the world :D

The baby shower was thrown at Shannon and Ross' best friends' home on Sunday afternoon, and it was absolutely adorable! Showers --whether they be of the baby or bridal assortment-- are some of the most fun events to attend. These celebrations do tend to bring up difficult questions about what is appropriate to wear though. If the shower is being held during the day, as this one was, I personally tend to stick to something mostly casual but also a teensy bit dressed up. Below is the type of outfit I would have worn to her shower if it had been the normal February weather we are used to in Florida. However, it has been downright frigid [for Florida] the past few days so I switched up my outfit in the end. I personally think this look would work for a shower though because it is equal parts fun, comfortable, and fashion-forward -- yet practical for any games you play (unless there is running involved... then you may want to stick to flats...)!

Ecoté long black & white print tank top with stud details: Urban Outfitters, on clearance for $10 in 2011
These two are good options if you like the studded idea but don't want to go the print route: Forever 21 $14.80 or Forever 21 $22.80
Forever 21 dark wash skinny jeans (also seen here): $10.80
Fergalicious blue wedge espadrilles: DSW, on clearance for $10
-Similar styles: Amazon $15.24 (on sale from $39.95), Amazon $16.99Amazon $19.99 or DSW $49.95 (If you are willing to pay a bit more, this last pair is almost the exact same pair.)
American Eagle silver hoop earrings: Around $4 in 2011
-Similar style: Forever 21 $3.80

Would you wear an outfit similar to this for a daytime party? Are you a fan of messy hair and/or cat eye makeup? I [obviously] am a big fan of messy hair (if you couldn't already tell from past posts, haha). I just feel the most "me" when my hair is free falling and my eyes are rimmed like Luna's... Is that weird?  ;P

- - - - -

And for your viewing pleasure, enjoy a few pics from the baby shower this weekend :)

I love my sister and her adorable baby belly!

For all the mama-to-be readers, Shannon got her beeeautiful black and white maternity top for $19.99 from Macy's!


Droid Diaries

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey all!  You've made it to Friday!
I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day :) Now what are your weekend plans?

For me, this past weekend consisted of making smores over a fire pit in our backyard, our pets, and a trip to Orlando -- which also tends to mean a trip to Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios!  For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (Hufflepuff, rep!) so a journey to IoA includes most of the day being spent at the Wizard World of Harry Potter, sipping butterbeer and riding roller coasters!  One of my boyfriend and mine's best friends from college joined us, which made it all the more fun.  I thought I'd share some pictures from the weekend, especially for any of you who have wanted to check out WWoHP but haven't gotten a chance to come to Orlando.

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Delia*s white top: incredibly old, from around 2005 (!)
-Similar styles: Target $9Target $10Cotton On $11.97 (on sale from $19.95), Target $19.99 or Old Navy $24.94
Mossimo burgundy skinny jeans [same pair as mentioned in this vlog post]: Target $11.48 (on sale from $22.99)
Old Navy tan flat sandals: On sale in 2012 for around $8
-Similar styles: Target $7.50Old Navy $19.94 or DSW $24.94 (on sale from $45)
American Eagle cross body purse: On clearance for approximately $8
-Similar styles: Cotton On $8.97Cotton On $8.97 or DSW $34.95
H&M gold aviator sunglasses: $5 in 2012

Is WWoHP everything you imagined?  Will you be planning a trip there soon?  You will not regret it - especially if you are a fellow Harry Potter fan!  It is just so magical, fun, and everything you hoped a real life Hogsmeade could ever be.

Sorry for nerding out so hard in this post, but it really is one of my favorite places to go (even after I've gone upwards of 15 times!) :P


PS: Need something reeeally cute at this moment in your life?  Check out this amazing story about a disabled piglet who is now mobile thanks to a custom made wheelchair!

Seriously, who wouldn't want to adopt a piggy?

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