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A Crop, Skip, and Jump Away | Crop Top + Ripped Jeans + Converse Sneakers

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hey there, I hope your week has been going well. This one has flown by! That's totally fine with me though, because this weekend is mine and Matt's 10 year anniversary! We are headed to an A-frame cabin in the woods of Idyllwild with the pups. I can't wait to get away and celebrate a decade together with my boothang, hike a little, eat a lot, relax by the fire, and partake in all those good things that the mountains bring to one's soul. There is even a local vegan restaurant in town that just so happens to be hosting an autumnal equinox six-course dinner, so we of course had to buy tickets. We are ready to CHOW DOWN. And if there is one thing Matt and I have bonded over over the course of the past ten years, it is eating. We are champion eaters. 🏆

Blue printed crop top: Gap

Light wash ripped skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): Target

Cognac brown belt (also seen here, here & here): Gap

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star gray sneakers (also seen herehere & here): Nordstrom

Neon yellow crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): Target

Hammered silver cuff bracelet (also seen here, here & here): Souvenir from our trip to Greece

Silver statement necklaces (also seen here, here & here): American Eagle and Vintage

It's mind-blowing that Matt and I have been together for a decade. We always joke that things must be going well, because it doesn't seem like our relationship has been 35.71% of our lives at all (which it has) - and as we all know "times flies when you're having fun." Really though, I'm so grateful for you and our life together, Matty. I can't wait for 10 x 10 more years (because we're going to live that long, and so will our pets... obviously).

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What I Learned From Living in Southern California For One Year

Monday, September 25, 2017

Whoa. I can't believe Matt and I have lived in San Diego for a whole year now. We've experienced so many new things over the past 365 days of Southern California living. Somehow though, we both always say how we feel that we still have so much to see here. That makes me giddy because out of all the places I've lived (which prior to San Diego included Ohio, Florida, and Arizona) California offers the most in terms of things Matt and I like to do with our spare time. The best hiking, the prettiest beaches, the perfect year-round weather for said hiking and beaches, the most delicious vegan food, progressive politics, etc, etc, etc.

For a lifetime moving to Southern California was my Holy Grail and the fact that it has now been our home for one year (and hopefully many more to come) makes me so grateful for the way life pans out. Therefore in honor of my love for this fine state, for today's post I'm sharing some of what I've learned from the last year of living in The Golden State. (And yes, that does include some harsh realities of living here too; it can't always be sunshine and rainbows when taxes are this high... but it mainly can be - because, California.😍)

Olive green military jacket (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

Gray "I just want to hang out with my dog" graphic t-shirt (also seen here): The Daily Tay via Etsy

Black active leggings: c/o PinkBlush
I am loving these leggings. They are perfect for hikes but are also great for walking to grab a coffee and stroll the farmers market on an easy Sunday morning. They've already become my go-to "athleisure wear"!

Perfectly mixed mutt named Kingsley: c/o The Humane Society ;)

- - - - -

If you are a "water sign person" then living close to the ocean never gets old.

Oddly enough, as much as I love the beach, I have never been the type to enjoy plopping my ass in the sand and just sitting there for hours on end. When I'm at the beach I need to be doing something. Whether it be taking a walk, cleaning up litter (Ha. I'm being serious.), or actually swimming in the freezing Pacific, I need to be active in some way. That said, I will never tire of the feeling of sand between my toes and the smell of saltwater surrounding me.

Street parking is never fun.

Growing up in Small Town, Ohio there was always a parking lot with plenty of spaces right out front of where we were going. Here in SoCal? That is not the case for the majority of places. Plus, aside from rarely getting a spot that's close to your desired location, you are usually going to be parking along the side of a street. That means you're forever worrying about getting a parking ticket and/or having someone hit your car. Matt and I have already gotten our first parking ticket here, and it was certainly a bummer to walk out to. There's no denying it - California takes its parking laws ser-i-ous-ly.

Perfect weather also does not get old (for some of us).

My mom and dad used to live by L.A. many decades ago. When I was growing up my mom told my sisters and me how much she loved it there, but every day was almost too perfectly warm, and sometimes ya just miss seasons. While I do agree that the change of seasons in other places is more extreme and lovable, I am totally fine with having ideal temperatures every week of the year. I can't speak for other cities but San Diego is a gem. We do have varying temperatures throughout the year, which feels a bit like changing seasons (especially compared to my years in Florida and Arizona, where it barely changes at all). We don't have to deal with snow though, which I can never do again after having lived through 18 years of it as a child.

People are not exaggerating when they say it is expensive to live in California.

Want to move to a big city or beach town somewhere in California? Buyer beware. (Like, seriously, beware, because it can get scary expensive, real quick.) Rent is most likely going to be more than double, gas will run you about 80 cents extra per gallon, average groceries will cost you a bit more... and those damn high taxes you always heard about. The taxes will make your soul hurt sometimes. But even with all of the additional costs Matt and I have still never once looked back and regretted our decision. And if taxes have to be taken (which I hear they do) it's also better to see our hard-earned money actually being used on things we care about, such as improving communities' environmental programs. It makes it sting a little less.

There are so many delicious restaurants.

Matt and I have always placed a lot of emphasis on eating. It's something we bonded over early on in our relationship. (We're just a guy and a gal who freaking. love. food.) With every place we've lived together, one of the first things we've done is walk the neighborhood to see which restaurants are nearby. This was no different when we moved to San Diego. Except it was. That's because we soon realized that the entire county (and state, actually) is filled with some of the best food we've ever had, and there's so much diversity to the types of places! Oh, and I know I've said it 400 times, but THE VEGAN FOOD SCENE HERE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! It makes me so dang happy.

Spiders are constantly looming near... and plenty of them. (Dun, dun, dunnnn.)

Something that shocked me when we moved to La Jolla -- which if you're unfamiliar with San Diego neighborhoods is considered a pretty "posh" area -- was just how many spider webs there are... and thus, spiders. (And no, for those inquiring minds, Matt and I do not fit in at all in La Jolla, seeing as we're about half the age of the average resident, and I can never imagine anyone uttering the words "That Matt and Allie - they're just so sophisticated!" But we love the views, ocean breeze, and plethora of vegan-friendly businesses that this little town offers. Plus we found the cutest rental close to the beach, so it's whatev. Despite being obvious outcasts, we absolutely adore La Jolla 😅) Anyway, I kind of assumed that since people here constantly have crews working on their gardens/deep cleaning/house rehabs/whatever else wealthy people hire others to do, that they would also never allow cobwebs to build up. How wrong I was. People do not seem to care in the slightest that active spider webs are all up in their lawns, houses, fences, parked cars, etc. I actually really admire their nonchalance. Personally, I suffer from Top Level Arachnophobia so this was (and still is, if I'm being honest) difficult for me to adjust to. Those damn creepy-crawlies just give me the heebie-jeebies. But I guess this is a fear I'm just gonna have to get over 😲

Being brave and following your dreams - despite that they may seem crazy to some - has the possibility of paying off more than you can imagine. (Yes, I do realize this is extra cheesy.)

When Matt and I decided to move to California a little over a year ago we didn't have a real plan laid out. We just knew the time was right, we were ready for a big change, and we would make it work however we could. So we both quit our good, stable jobs... and, understandably, some people immediately began shaking their heads at our Millennial I'm-Gonna-Chase-My-Dreams-No-Matter-What-It-Takes Insanity. (And yes, I do admit that quitting our jobs to move to a place that costs more than double to live without new positions lined up was actually insane.) But I am an idealist, always have been, and I won't stop until I reach my goals (even if that means playing the looooong game). And Matt is a go-getter in every sense of the term. He is logical and thorough in everything he does. Combined together I feel like it's been the perfect recipe for us just makin' shit happen. And sure, I realize that since we're still kinda young we can take some bigger risks. I'm grateful that we're at the phase in our lives where we can trust each other and our own seemingly crazy ideas and then figure out how to make it so we can live life on our own terms. I know this kind of talk is what makes some people roll their eyes at our generation, but I'm okay with that. We only get one life (maybe... I don't know, really) so sometimes you have to do things for yourself that outwardly seem kinda stupid, and make your own daydreams become reality. No one else is going to do that for you.

Okaaaaay. That last one got a teensy philosophical, which is probably annoying to read coming from a 28-year-old. So sorry if that is the case. It's just how I feel, and I'm so happy to live here!! Fulfilling the lifelong dream of moving here has filled me with so much gratitude. And I 100% have that seemingly insane dream-chasing and a partner who supports it to thank for that. And California. California deserves a chunk of that gratefulness percentage, for sure.

LOVE YA, CALI! Mean it 😘

- - - - -

Where is your dream place to live?

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Alright, Alright, Alright Black & White | T-Shirt Dress + Ankle-Strap Sandals

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Friday Eve! We've nearly made it to the weekend now, people. This was one of those weeks when I swore that it was Wednesday every day. I also knocked a ceramic bowl out of our cabinet, caught it as it was breaking into a million pieces, and I cut up my hand real bad. (Please do yourself a favor and watch this video right this moment if you don't understand the last part about cutting up my hand real bad.) (If you did get that reference, email me and let's be best friends.)

Black and white striped t-shirt dress (also seen here): c/o PinkBlush

Black and silver studded ankle strap sandals (also seen here): Target

Chunky silver statement necklace (also seen here): Vintage

Hammered silver cuff bracelet (also seen here & here ): Souvenir from our trip to Greece

Urban Expressions vegan turquoise weaved crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): DSW

Silver and tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

Do you realize what tomorrow is? Yes, it's Friday. But it's also September 22nd... which means FALL! The season that we all can't stop talking about will finally be upon us! Sadly, even though this is the last official day of summer it's supposed to be in the 80s here next week. That means still no boots and scarves for me :( If you're lucky enough to have autumnal temps in your town, ENJOY! If you're like me and have no clue when it's going to cool off... well, hold on to hope. It's all we've got at times like these.

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Hello There Fine Fall-ow | Sweatshirt + Cutoffs + Sneakers

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hey, how's it going in your neck of the woods? Things here in SoCal are still pretty warm. We are just waiting on those fall feelings to hit our fine city. During the days in San Diego it is still hot'ish, but thankfully this weekend the morning chills finally began! Falling asleep and waking up to fresh autumn air coming through the windows is what sweet dreams are made of after all, right? Matt and I even got our new backyard setup all ready to go last night for the first fire of the season and it was gloriously kinda-but-not-really-chilly out. (Side note: whilst getting the firepit prepared we found not one, but two BLACK WIDOWS. Not cool, nature. Very scary, in fact.)

"Hello there" pink and white graphic crewneck sweatshirt (also seen here & here): Old Navy

Gray tank (also seen here, here & here): Victoria's Secret PINK

Light wash cutoff denim shorts (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

Multicolored striped canvas sneakers (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

Gold arrow stud earrings: DSW

Tortoiseshell sunglasses (also seen here, here & here): Jeffrey Bay

Urban Expressions vegan turquoise weaved crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): DSW

I know at this point you're probably tired of seeing these dang denim shorts. Trust me, I am too. I just want to put them in storage and bust out my fall clothes. But alas, at least the biggest heat waves should be over so we can wear sweaters with our summer clothing and pretend, eh?

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Fall Fashion Items I Can't Wait To Wear

Friday, September 15, 2017

I know, I know. You're probably already sick of hearing about fall and it hasn't even officially arrived yet. Therefore, let me apologize in advance because I am far from being over it. I can't help myself every year when September rolls around. The first leaves changing color, the chilly mornings that remind me to stop wearing shorts to sleep and change to cozy leggings, the most delicious hot foods, the beginning of the best holidays of the entire year... and, of course, the deepest and least superficial of all - THE CLOTHES! All my favorite pieces of clothing get taken out of storage and hung back up in my closet, and my heart swells with excitement. Ah, yes. Fall fashion... let me count the ways I love you - literally. Below are 7 of my favorite autumnal outfits and accessories that I am ready to bust out as soon as it drops below 70 degrees. 🍃 🍁 🍂

1. Scarves

Infinity scarves, chunky scarves, and blanket scarves... oh my!

Original post featuring infinity knit scarf | Similar scarf: Old Navy

Original post featuring chunky black scarf | Similar scarf: Target

Original post featuring plaid blanket scarf | Similar scarf: Target

2. Boots

My go-to's: ankle boots, knee-high boots, and motorcycle boots

Original post featuring ankle boots with buckle details | Similar boots: Kohl's

Original post featuring knee-high boots | Similar boots: Target

Original post featuring moto boots | Similar boots: DSW

3. Tights

Not for the faint of heart -- or any temperature near 70 degrees

Original post featuring cable knit tights | Similar tights: Kohl's

Original post featuring classic black tights | Similar tights: Target

Original post featuring thick gray tights | Similar tights: Kohl's

4. Sweaters

#SweaterWeather - The favorite type of weather for every "basic betch" (Me!! 🙋)

Original post featuring chunky burgundy sweater | Similar sweater: Old Navy

Original post featuring lightweight sweater | Similar sweater: Target

Original post featuring turtleneck sweater | Similar sweater: Old Navy

5. Hats

I never thought I'd say it, because once upon a time I was terrified of donning any kind of chapeau. (Sunglasses too, oddly enough.)

Original post featuring black floppy hat | Similar hat: Target

Original post featuring gray beanie | Similar hat: Nordstrom

6. Cardigans


Original post featuring cropped cardigan | Similar cardigan: Gap

Original post featuring off-white chunky cardigan | Similar cardigan: Target

Original post featuring long open-front duster cardigan | Similar cardigan: Nordstrom

7. Coats

I haven't worn an actual winter coat that's meant to withstand 25-degree temps in years; however, my heavier jackets that I wear November - February suffice as "coats" in my mind.

Original post featuring black and white printed coat | Similar coat: Macy's

Original post featuring denim jacket | Similar jacket: Kohl's

Original post featuring tweed peacoat | Similar coat: 6PM

- - - - -

Obsessing over autumn may make one "unoriginal" in some grumpy peoples' minds but honestly, I do not care in the slightest. It is the best time of the year, and I won't ever stop celebrating its arrival. FALL FOREVER!

Are you over fall already or are you onboard the autumn loving bandwagon?

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Wearing White After Labor Day | Sleeveless Blouse + Ripped Hem Jeans + Leopard Flats

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hey there! Is it fall yet in your parts? It's still pretty warm in San Diego, hence why I am still wearing sleeveless blouses such as the one in today's post. I am definitely ready to trade in shorts and sandals for sweaters and boots, but that most likely isn't going to happen here for a few more weeks. Oh well, patience is a virtue and all that. Plus, once the temperature does finally drop it'll make it that much sweeter!

White lace sleeveless blouse: Old Navy

GUESS light wash ripped hem straight leg jeans (also seen here, here & here): Macy's
These are pants I've had for years that are meant to be worn as cuffed boyfriend jeans, but I simply unrolled them, and VOILA - they are "on-trend" (blech, that term is cringe-worthy) frayed hem jeans!

Leopard print d'Orsay flats (also seen here, here & here): American Eagle

Urban Expressions vegan turquoise weaved crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): DSW

Gold hoop earrings: c/o Happiness Boutique
See another of my favorite pair of earrings from Happiness Boutique here.
(And remember: LunaVida readers get 10% off through 9/15 with promo code "lunavidablog" for orders over 19 euros!)

Gold cuff bracelet (also seen here): Old Navy

Gold stretch bracelet (also seen here, here & here): Target

How do you feel about wearing white after Labor Day? It seems like no one cares whether you do nowadays, which is good for me because this lady loves white year-round!

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