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Red Hot: Moto Jacket + Blouse + Skinny Jeans + Heels

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hey there! I'm taking a late night break from packing for our big move tomorrow. I'm just gonna put this out there: I am the #1 fan of packing procrastination. It's a task I really loathe -- probably even more than the normal person -- so I take any opportunity to ignore reality (i.e. this very moment for this blog post). I'll most likely regret that in the morning when I have to wake up in a few short hours and finally finish it all before we go get our keys... But oh man, I can't wait to move in!  mentioned before just how excited I am for decorating and all that comes along with a new humble abode. Add to that that the area we are going to has so much to offer... and cuts my commute to work in half! Hallelujah!

Brown faux leather moto jacket: Old Navy
-Similar styles: Amazon $17.99 (on sale from $64.99), Amazon $24.98 (on sale from $41.99) or Forever 21 $27.80

Navy blue & white printed blouse (also seen here & here): Cotton On $5
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $11.80Forever 21 $15.80, or ASOS $32.93 (on sale from $63.98)

Ralph Lauren dark wash skinny jeans: Macy's
-Similar style: Forever 21 $7.80

Sam & Libby burgundy pointed toe high heels: Target $27.98 (on sale from $39.99 - I got them on sale for $10 in the store!)
-Similar styles: Target $14.98 (on sale from $29.99), Amazon $19.99 or Forever 21 $29.80

I love the red wine-y color of these pumps. They are so sumptuous in real life! Just like a large number of ladies (and probably a fair few of men), I can't get enough of a good pair of high heels, like these. They're a go-to for any going out occasion... Although, I do wish I had more occasions to wear these babies to. (I'd get really strange looks if I showed up in these at work considering we wear uniform polos and jeans everyday...)

"A" is for Awesome: Sweater + Blouse + Skinnies + Riding Boots

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hi guys! I'm obsessed with a certain teeny-bopper TV show, and it involves a little storyline devoted to a character mysteriously named "A." Guess Pretty Little Liars? Yep. You are correct: I am going to be 25 years old in just a matter of weeks, and I'm a certifiable PLL addict (despite that it's meant for, like, Y-14 audiences...). Well, my sisters are both big fans, too. My hermana, Shannon, even gifted me this amazing "A" sweater. At first glance, most people probably think the A stands for me, "Allie," but those who know us best know it's really "Ali" as in Alison DiLaurentis [stop reading here if you don't want spoilers]... or ErzA... or MonA... or whoever "A" is supposed to be this episode.

Aqua green & navy blue "A" crew-neck sweater: Old Navy $19.97 (on sale from $29.94)
Use promo code "SAVEMORE" for 20% off your purchase for a limited time!

Blue polka dot sheer oxford shirt: Old Navy $32.94

Ralph Lauren dark wash skinny jeans: Macy's
-Similar style: Forever 21 $7.80

Burnished red flat riding boots (also seen here): Target $37.48 (on sale from $74.99 - I got them for only $10 in the store!)
-Similar styles: Amazon $14.99 (on sale from $60), Amazon $24.50 or Forever 21 $32.80

Gray ruffled peacoat: JCPenney

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Don't lie, people. You know you do. And if you honestly don't? Go sign into your Netflix account, and get to watchin' from season 1 right this moment! Report back and let me know how addicted you get ;)

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All Up in This Lace: Blazer + Tank + Denim + Kitten Heels

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hellooo! I have some good news on the personal front: After a very long, arduous, first-world-problem-filled search for an apartment here in Phoenix, Matt and I found one! We had a pretty long list of "necessities," and we also needed it to be halfway between his place on work in north Scottsdale and mine in south Phoenix (for those of you unfamiliar with the area, those are two very far apart places). We have been looking for the past few weekends, to no avail. However, we have finally conquered!!! Seriously, though, we really love the location -- there's so much to do within walking distance -- and the apartment is fantastic. We move in on March 1st, and I can't wait to start decorating. [We got rid of just about all our belongings when we moved out here from Florida, so it's extra exciting since it's a fresh start!] But... then again... maybe I can wait just a wee bit -- I really don't enjoy packing ;)

LC Lauren Conrad white blazer (also seen here): Kohl's
-Similar styles: Amazon $9.99Kohl's $19.20 (on sale from $48) or Charlotte Russe $38.99

Neon coral tank top: Gap $7.99 (on sale from $19.95)
-Similar style: Forever 21 $1.80
Use promo code "EARLY" for 30% off your purchase for a limited time!

Black lace top: Urban Outfitters $10

Blue skinny jeans: Forever 21 $7.80

Black pointed toe faux suede kitten heels: H&M $24.95 (I got them on sale for $7.50 in the store.)
-Similar styles: Amazon $12.50 (on sale from $24.99), Amazon $16.95 (on sale from $24.99) or Forever 21 $22.80

Black & white print coat (also seen here, here & here): Muse Apparel

Sterling silver "A" initial necklace: c/o Sivado Studio

Silver & turquoise stone statement ring: American Eagle $4

Have you made a big move recently? Have any decorating tips (or amazing Pinterest boards I should check out for inspiration) for me? Share the goods, pretty please, people!

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"Adore Me" Valentine's Day Giveaway

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

How is your February 14th so far?  Just purr-fect, I hope!  Mine?  Well... I went home from work incredibly sick yesterday, and by the end of the night, Matt was seriously ill, too :-/  To make it even worse timing, unbeknownst to me, Matt had a beautiful bouquet of roses delivered to my place of work today.  I, of course, was not there to accept them, which is a big time bummer, on top of already being sick on a holiday.  But, there is always a silver living!  Since we are both not feeling well, Matt & I both had to call in to work today, which means we both get to lie in bed together and watch movies.  Hey, it may not be your typical romantic V-Day, but it's cozy and love-filled :)

Speaking of love filled, you LunaVida readers are some of my all time favorite peeps [I'm serious- I told you I'm bringing that phrase back].  I want to ensure you have the best Valentine's Day possible and, thanks to Adore Me, I think that may very well be possible.  That's because this amazing company is giving one LunaVida reader the lingerie set of her (or his...?) choice!

Adore Me is an affordable NYC-based fashion lingerie company, whose head of design is the former head of design for Victoria's Secret (!!!).  You can sign up for the monthly subscription membership service or purchase with a "Pay-As-You-Go" option.  Adore Me has styles for anyone's taste and their prices are spectacular!
Personally, I chose the Cameron set, because I'm a fan of all things lace, pearls, bows, and vintage-inspired.
You just can't go wrong with it!  Amirite?

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

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Coral & Comfortable: Sweatshirt + Skinny Jeans + Boots

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Howdy doo, my peeps [I'm bringing "peeps" back, FYI,].  We're nearing Valentine's Day.  I am one of those lame-os who actually likes V-Day.  I think it's such a fun day to get girly and celebrate love, whether you're currently dating someone or not.  Love is a beautiful thing, and it should be celebrated, people!  No matter who you love -- be it a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner/pet/neighbor/BFF/mailman -- you should shout it loud & proud every single day, but especially yell it out on February 14th :)

Today's outfit is a fun, casual spin on Valentine's apparel.  It's not your typical pretty pink dress, but it somehow still has a bit of that lovey-dovey-feminine-flair.  I won't lie though: I fully intend to dress up in a frou-frou red dress when we celebrate.  What can I say?  I'm predictable.

Beaded coral embellished sweatshirt: Macy's $6.99 (on sale from $36)
Use promo code "PRES" for 20% off your purchase for a limited time!

Skinny jeans: Forever 21 $7.80

Brown flat buckle boots (also seen here): Blowfish Shoes
-Similar styles: Amazon $9.99 (on sale from $39.99), DSW $29.94 (on sale from $75) or Forever 21 $39.80

Gold bracelets: Ara Nicole & c/o HBunnie Creations
[I'm loving these new monogrammed tassel bracelets from HBunnie Creations!]

Gold geometric triple chevron necklace: American Eagle (I got it in the store for $4.)

Tortoiseshell oversized sunglasses (also seen here & here): Old Navy

How do you plan to spend this Friday?  Will you be donning your pink and red?  Or will you bust out your coral shades?  Ooor will you just boycott the whole darn thing?

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