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Simply Summer | Off-The-Shoulder Top + Denim Shorts + Espadrille Wedges

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hey there! Last night Matt and I went to see the play version of The Lorax at The Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park with our friend. Let me tell you - that story hits ya right in the feels. I know it's meant for children but the message is so moving. And the famous "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." quote? Oh my gosh, how true is that - seemingly now more than ever? Anytime you need to reignite your passion to keep resisting/persisting/advocating/marching/speaking out, just read that to fuel your activist spirit! (PS: If you're local to San Diego I highly recommend seeing this show before its run ends!)

Dark green off-the-shoulder top with pom-poms (also seen here & here): H&M

 Cuffed denim shorts (also seen here, here & here): JCPenney

Nude espadrille wedges with ribbon detail (also seen here & here): DSW

Silver hoop earrings: c/o Happiness Boutique

Silver hammered bangle (also seen here, here & here): Souvenir from our trip to Greece

Floral reversible clutch: Rachel Pally via my mom :)

What's your favorite quote? I love reading new ones, so please share!

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Fashionista Feature | How Vegan Footwear is Made

Thanks to Kelsey, we have a special guest post today! She wrote an article all about vegan footwear and how it is made. Read below to learn more!

- - - - -

How is Vegan Footwear Made

Many people today look for ways to be as eco-conscious as possible. Being eco-friendly requires a conscious choice to commit to a certain lifestyle. People who are aware of the need to use the earth's resources well are those who think carefully about everything they do. They are also those who think carefully about everything they buy. For those who really want to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle, vegan products are a must. Vegan products are made using no animal products at all in their creation. Many kinds of vegan products can be found on the market. This includes food, housing materials, and home decor items. It also includes things people wear such as jackets, dresses, and even shoes. Vegan footwear has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Vegan footwear includes shoes, boots, and other products worn on the feet that are created in accordance with vegan principles. These principles mean that these shoes are not made from items such as leather that require an animal to be harmed in any way. 

Creating a Design 

The creation of vegan footwear starts with the kind of materials chosen. Traditionally made shoes frequently use materials like leather that are derived from animal products. These types of shoes are also made without using products that have been tested on animals. A vegan shoe buyer can be assured that the footwear they buy are shoes that involve no animal products during the course of production. The creation of a vegan shoe or boot will typically begin by the designer creating a design. This is when the real process begins and when the designer must think carefully about what they are doing. They need to think about how the final design will look on the wearer's feet. 

Using Materials 

For example, if the shoe is intended to be used for winter wear, it will enclose the foot more than a shoe that is designed to be worn at the beach. For many designers, the act of crafting vegan shoes is one that takes some time and thought. In recent years, many new vegan materials have come on the market. Designers today are able to take advantage of these advances to create shoes that are not only elegant but will also last a long time. Materials such as synthetic microfiber look great. The same is true of materials such as PU and EVA that have shown up on runways in recent years. Many companies also use what are known as recycled and virgin rubbers. Other popular choices for vegan footwear include canvas, fabrics, and materials that mimic the look of real leather such as faux leather products. Such products have a very similar look to standard shoe materials. 

The Next Step 

Once a design is in place, the designer will consider which particular materials are best for each part of his line. In some instances, he may decide to keep the shoes to a minimum of design and help the person show off their beautiful feet. In other instances, a designer may realize the need to make sure that the shoes he provides are made to offer protection and support. It's then off to create a prototype. This prototype allows the design team to test the final product and see how it fits. In some cases, the model will not fit well or may not be quite right for the designer's line. In that instance, the designer will need to go back and see if they can tweak it. Changes may be made to the size, the details, and the overall look. New materials may be substituted. After this process is finished, it's time to nail down the final look. Vegan shoe designers want to use materials that are not only cruelty-free but will also last for many years. They also want to create shoes that will please the eyes and provide the kind of support that people need as they move through their daily activities. Setting up a production line lets the designer take the idea they have for the shoe, boot or other footwear and let it come to life. 

Bringing it to Market 

After the shoe has been designed and the process set in motion to create it, it's time to think about how best to bring it to market. Some companies have outlets they use to sell their vegan shoes directly to the client. Shoppers can be assured that all products they purchase are made by those who understand the ideals of vegan footwear. In other cases, company officials may need to find a way to bring their shoes, sandals, and boots to traditional stores. Many traditional retailers will stock a wide variety of shoes. However, they may not understand what is behind vegan footwear and why it is so special. This is why a vegan footwear company will frequently have sales reps available to explain their products to stores and the public. Sales reps can demonstrate why these shoes make an ideal addition to any store and how customers benefit from buying and wearing them.

- - - - -

Kelsey is the Managing Editor at The Lux Authority and is trying to balance both her budget and her credit card balance. She likes to live lavish and treat herself when the opportunity allows it. She loves the newest tech, old cars, and the smell of rich mahogany! When she isn't working, Kelsey is an avid academic, artist, stargazer, blogger, and yoga enthusiast.

- - - - -

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Things To Do in San Diego | Summer Travel Guide

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday! My sister and niece just booked a flight to San Diego to visit Matt and me. To say I'm excited is an understatement because it's been over a year and a half since they've been here! (Also Shannon takes the best blog photos, I won't lie.) Then next month my oldest friend in the world is having her bachelorette party here too! Therefore, today's post is a list of suggestions of must-see places and things to do if you're also planning a trip to SD, whether it be for just a long weekend or 7+ days. (Honestly, this list is just as much for you as it is for me since we have a lot to fit in and I need to remind myself of the priorities!)

Must-sees for a long weekend 

The quintessential tourist spot -- that locals love too -- is Balboa Park. You can easily spend a whole day there meandering around the rose gardens, 17 museums (check online for info on free days and all day passes), cafes, etc. It's close to downtown so you can take a leisurely stroll, short Lyft ride, or Bird Scooter there too!

I may be biased since we live here but La Jolla Cove should most certainly be on your list if you're coming out this way. The coastline is breathtaking and, best of all, there are seals and sea lions all around in their natural habitat! Plus, the little downtown area called "The Village" is super walkable and full of nice restaurants and shops.

As the name suggests, catch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs after a day of walking around Ocean Beach, the hippiest little Southern California beach neighborhood you'll ever see. (If you're looking for food Plant Power is a MUST - as are their milkshakes! We go pretty much every time we're down in OB.)

    Must-sees for a whole week vacation

     If you have the extra time, get over to the town of Coronado. It's quaint and the beaches are stunning. The famous Hotel Del is there too, which is a great spot to cozy up around a beach bonfire while looking for dolphins.

    If you can, I totally recommend spending a day to drive along the coast to check out North San Diego County. North County has some of my very favorite cities like Del Mar, Solana Beach, Leucadia, Carlsbad, etc. They all offer cute coffee shops, amazing ocean views, and all those relaxed "SoCal vibes" people come here to experience.

    Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve has some of the best hiking around. You do have to pay entrance to get inside but it is totally worth it. The views are STELLAR and the hikes are fun! (Even if you don't love to hike, there are plenty of easy walking paths to enjoy too.)

    Mount Soledad is not far from La Jolla Cove and it offers an amazing 360-degree view of San Diego. On a clear day you can see the ocean, city, and mountains all from standing in one (very high up) spot. It's the best view we've found yet!

    - - - - -

    I've previously written about places to go in San Diego - which you can see here, as well as my favorite local vegan spots here - but now that we've lived here longer, the list has grown exponentially and needed updating for sure!

    - - - - -

    Where are your favorite spots in San Diego? If you've never been before, which spot looks like it'd be first on your list?

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    Tied Up | Tank + Ripped Jeans + Sandals

    Friday, July 6, 2018

    Hey there! I came back from LA on Monday evening after a long weekend full of learning about animal rights and meeting so many activists who are fighting for a cruelty-free vegan world. It was pretty inspiring but also overwhelming at times. (Would anyone be interested in a post about the Animal Rights National Conference? If so, I'm happy to write one up!) My friend Kristen suggested a hike in Malibu to end the trip which was the best way to decompress after being in a dark hotel for four days straight. I had never been to Malibu before and, my word, that is one gorgeous coastline!

    White tie-shoulder tank top: J.Crew Factory - only $10 right now!

    Light wash distressed skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): Target

    Report nude strappy stacked heel sandals (also seen here, here & here): Famous Footwear
    [similar - on sale!]

    Gold necklaces (also seen here, here & here): c/o Sivado Studio and Happiness Boutique

    Multicolored beaded bracelet: Souvenir from the Florida Keys when I was, like, 14 😄

    Urban Expressions vegan turquoise weaved crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): DSW

    Cognac belt (also seen here, here & here): Gap

    Oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses: Marshalls

    If I learned one thing from this past weekend, it's that we can't stop battling for the freedom of these innocent beings, even if it feels insurmountable at times. Billions of animals have been silenced. (Yes, you read that correctly. We can kill BILLIONS of animals every single year.) It's up to us to be their voices and stop this mass cruelty.

    Here's to continuing to fight the good fight, people.

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