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Read Fall About It: Denim Jacket + Dress + Heels

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hello!  How is your Sunday Funday going so far?  [Side-note: Is that phrase super annoying - "Sunday Funday?"]  Today, I spent the afternoon with my mom, who is moving back to Ohio next month.  That makes me extremely sad, of course, but I will say this: I am very jealous that she gets to go back there in time for autumn.  Here in Phoenix?  It was 104 degrees today.  Yes.  You read that right - 104 degrees on September 20th.  It is borderline unbearable at this point... especially because I just want to be a basic bitch, who gets to cuddle up in blankets, with a PSL in my hand, and wear boots and scarves everyday.  Therefore, since I am missing out on that coziness for the next few weeks months, I am breaking out dresses like this one from Shabby Apple.  It's light colored, which allows me to wear it in this heat, but it's also a heavier fabric -- that way I can pretend it's not currently in the triple digits.  Honestly though, I'm just trying to hold on to the memory of Phoenix's sweet, sweet 75 degree winter season... but until then, I'll be sweating it out and yearning for knits.

Dark wash denim jacket (also seen here, here & here): Kohl's
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Cream brocade pleated dress: c/o Shabby Apple

Burgundy pointed toe heels (also seen here, here & here): Target
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Crystal cuff bracelet: Charming Charlie

I really love this dress.  I can wear it so many ways throughout the upcoming seasons.  And, let's be honest, isn't that exactly what we want out of our articles of clothing?

Print-cess: Dress + Heels

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hi there!  Can I just say how grateful I am for this three day weekend?  I am real deal pooped from this past week; therefore, I was more than ready for lots of rest and relaxation for three days straight.  The plan is plenty of time with Matt & the pets, Parks and Rec binges, and sleeping in late.  Ah, yes... That is exactly what three day weekends were made for... amirite?

Aztec print dress with tassels: The Blue Door Boutique $32

Report nude stacked heel sandals (also seen here): Famous Footwear
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Wood watch (also seen here & here): c/o JORD

It's so crazy to think that at this time exactly one year ago, Matt and I were vacationing in Europe.  We were in Santorini at this point, which was my favorite place of all.  I wish we were back there right now!  How are you spending the long weekend?  Traveling anywhere or staying put at home?  Either way, I hope it's peaceful -- because you deserve it!

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