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Birthday, Beach & Some Birds

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey guys!  How ya doin'?

I have another outfit post for you all today.  It's a simple one from the other week on my birthday.  My boyfriend, Matt, surprised me after work with a picnic of my favorite Japanese restaurant's food and champagne at the beach [I know, I know- no alcohol allowed on the beach, but shhh... please don't turn me in!].  He is so dang cute and made turning 24 both memorable and romantic.  What more can a gal ask for?

It was a kind of chilly day (at least it was cold for Florida in March) and I had originally intended on just wearing shorts and a tank top.  However, I had to add the awkward cardigan in [you'll see what I mean below] to keep warm, and I kinda forgot to take it off (or even unbutton it) for some of the pictures.  Whoops.  Super nerd alert.

Old Navy grey cardigan (also seen here & here): 2012 for $4.98
-Similar styles: JCPenney $10 (on sale from $25), Forever 21 $11.80 or JCPenney $15 (on sale from $20)
Old Navy ruffled pink racerback tank top: From way back in high school
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $5Forever 21 $5.80Old Navy $7.50Old Navy $14.99 (on sale from $19.94) or Old Navy $15 (on sale from $17.50)
Charlotte Russe black & white floral print shorts: 2012 for about $10
Old Navy brown flat sandals (also seen here): 2012 for about $8
-Similar styles: Old Navy $19.94DSW $24.94 (on sale from $45), Target $29.99 or DSW $49.95
H&M brown oversized sunglasses (also seen here, here, and here): 2012 for $5
-Similar styles (all from Forever 21): $5.80$5.80$5.80 or $5.80

There were a lot of seagulls... so obviously I danced amongst them.

Then things went back to being [semi] normal.

Target silver arrow ring (also seen here): 2012, for about $3.50
-Similar style: Lulu*s $8 (on sale from $11)

Is finally starting to warm up where you live?  If so, woo hoo- Enjoy the spring time clothing!  And if not, no worries.  Warmer weather be here soon enough, and until then, try to bask in the glory of tights with dresses (Don't we all miss them when they're gone in summer?).



Matt, feeling sass-ay!


  1. Great pics with all of the birds! Love your floral shorts too!
    Penniless Socialite
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    1. Thanks, darling!! I am going to check out your blog right now :)


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I just adore your blog :)


  3. Aww, thanks :) Yes, I'd love to! Just let me know whichever you'd like to follow on and I'll follow back (Twitter, GFC, Bloglovin, Insta? Up to you!! :D)


  4. Love the shorts you are wearing in this outfit :)
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