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Life Recap: Sedona Stories

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last weekend, I had my first whole weekend off since I started my job back in September.  Matt had also just started his new job and I'd recently purchased my new Prius, so a road trip was necessary [obviously].  We headed 100 miles north of Phoenix up to the one of the prettiest places we've ever been: Sedona, Arizona.  And, lucky for you, I'm sharing loads of photos so you can experience the natural beauty too (and yes, the "natural beauty" I'm speaking of is our dog, Dakota, of course ;D].

Try not to judge my hat, please -- It was cold out and it was all I had :(

Black & white flannel shirt (also seen here): Target

Sky blue sweatshirt: Old Navy

Black leggings: Old Navy

Nike black & pink tennis shoes: DSW

Have you ever been to Sedona?  It's now one of my favorite places that I've ever been.  During our hikes, we were able to let Dakota off her leash, and just run through the rocks, and be freeeeee.  I'm not sure if that was an illegal move, but since we're such rebels we did it anyway... She was just so happy, skirting around, like a dog should :)


  1. sedona looks so beautiful! i've never been to arizona, but i'd love to visit. looks like doggy heaven too, with all of that free space to run around.


  2. I've been to Sedona, beautiful there! Great pics woman!

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