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Printed Peplum: Tank + Denim + Flats

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I apologize for being so M.I.A. these past few days.  I worked over the holiday weekend and then I came down with the stomach flu to end all stomach flus on Sunday.  Matt & I even had to miss the Justin Timberlake concert that we had tickets for, because I've just been so miserably sick.  I'm still fighting it pretty fiercely today :(  I've been trying mass varieties of anti-nausea methods this whole week, sleeping as much as my body allows, and watching Christmas movies, as I try to wish away this illness.  'Tis the cold and flu season though, no?

This outfit for today is actually from a while back, but seeing as I'm feeling like poo, I needed to post a bright, cheerful outfit like this one :)

Printed peplum top: Target $7.18 (on sale from $17.99)

Ralph Lauren skinny jeans: Macy's

Nude pointed toe flats with studs: Target $19.99 (I got them on sale for $6 in the store.)

Gray cardigan (also seen here & here): Old Navy $5
-Similar styles: Amazon $7.99JCPenney $17.99 (on sale from $24) or Cotton On $19.95

Stay healthy, kids!  Lots of rest, vitamins, and hand washing now, ya hear?

PS: LunaVida's first Blog-iversary is coming up in 2 days!!!  Be sure to check back here :)

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