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Bedazzled: Tee + Faux Leather Jacket + Jeans + Flats

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Age, man.  I just now noticed that I turned 25 (also known as "a quarter of a century") on my most recent birthday.  I don't think I realized just how old that sounds.  Now, I know what most people are thinking "Seriously, Allie?  25?  You're still young, dude."  And I agree, 100%.  But at the same time, I can definitely sense a change of some sort, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

What brought about this realization occurred today when a volunteer at work, who I presume to be in high school, asked me to participate in a survey he was doing about voting.  At the end he asked how old I was, to which I answered "25," of course.  That was the first time I've been asked my age since turning another year older.  The guy's response when I said 25?  "Oh........... wow."  He acted as if I was old enough to be the next Pope (which, for all I know, I may be.  Is there an age limit?).  But damn, did I feel ancient at that very moment.  And I do right now too, as I sit on the couch, watching a black and white Audrey Hepburn movie [Roman Holiday for the 18th time, for those inquiring minds] -- that is something I never would have done back in my early teens.  But, after coming to terms with the fact that I'm officially considered old as dirt to the kids still in grade school, I was okay with it.  Actually, I kinda dig it.  [Yeah, I'm allowed to say "dig" now that I'm 25.]  It's nice to get whatever I want from the grocery store without having to ask (although that does mean I have to pack my own lunches, which is a total bummer).  It's nice to have a bank account that has more than $25 in it at any given point.  It's nice that, in my old age, I can sit on the couch and watch Netflix for 50 hours straight and just blame it on "being drained from a long work week."  After all, isn't that what any of us really want?  An excuse for our binge watching New Girl?  Now that I'm 25, I totally have a legit reason.

Brown faux leather moto jacket (also seen here & here): Old Navy
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Sequined & beaded white t-shirt: Old Navy
-Similar styles: Old Navy $9.99 (on sale from $19.94), Old Navy $19.94 or Forever 21 $27.80

Guess distressed jeans (also seen here, here & here): Macy's
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $7.80 or Old Navy $19 (on sale from $34.94)
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Brown pointed toe studded flats (also seen here, here & here): Target
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $12.80Target $13.59 (on sale from $16.99), Forever 21 $16.80 or DSW $39.94 (on sale from $75)

Quilted burgundy crossbody chain purse: Target

Hunter green studded wrap bracelet: Target

What birthday did you most recently celebrate?  Are you happy to be getting older?  Or are you just jonesin' to rewind a few years back?  No judgement either way here!


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