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Lazy Sunday: Sweatshirt + Skinny Jeans + Converse

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello! I know that a lot of you on the East Coast are having to deal with Blizzard Jonas. (Is that what it's called? I really don't remember snowstorms ever getting formal names when I was growing up in Ohio, but I guess that's a "thing" now...?) Therefore, I apologize in advance if it seems like I am being boastful in today's post. I say this, because the weather here in Phoenix is at its all-time BEST. This time of year is the period of winter that reminds me why I stick through the 4-5 months of 100+ degree days in the summer. I am currently sitting on the couch with all of our doors and windows open, being encompassed by fresh, crisp, warm air... Ahhh... Oh, wait. Sorry. I am not supposed to be rubbing it in. Forgive me.

Grey & white striped sweatshirt with metallic rose gold polka dots: Macy's
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Light pink tank top: Old Navy

Dark wash skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): PacSun
{Similar $, $$ or $$$}

Grey Converse sneakers (also seen here & here): Journey's
{Similar $ or $$$}

Tortoiseshell oversize sunglasses (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy

Rose gold geometric necklace (also seen here, here & here): American Eagle

Rose gold link bracelet (also seen here, here & here): c/o Sparkle & Sophistication

Are you stranded inside from the snow? If so, I really am sorry for bragging about our weather right now. (Just remember that you can rightfully rub your perfect 80 degree summers in my sweaty, greasy face come June ;D)


  1. I love the casual outfit. But what I'm really obsessed with is that sunglasses of yours. So gorgeous!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. It's soooo cold in Switzerland !
    I love your outfit !

  3. The storm was perf! Cute outfit😙


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