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Checked Out: Cardigan + Cropped Collared Shirt + Ripped Jeans + Heels

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ayyooo! Who is ready for the freakin' weekend? (In my head that was said in the same way that Kristen Wiig does in the famous Bridesmaids scene on the plane. "I'm reeeady to paaaar-tyyyy.") I am, I am! (Ready for the weekend, that is. I don't party. Like, pretty much never.)

Ever since moving to San Diego almost five months ago, our weekends have consisted of quintessential Southern California outings. You know, like hours spent lounging on the beach, hikes with our dogs in the 65 degree "winter" weather, trying out new local restaurants... and of course lots of glamorous trips to Costco. Seriously though, is there anything better than a Costco grocery haul? (And also the space heater and sled that you are bound to purchase... I say this from personal experience, as Matt and I have legitimately bought those two items in one shopping trip before.) When I say "DO YOU LOVE COSTCO?!" you say "HELL YEAH!'

Navy open-front knit cardigan (also seen herehere): Gap
{Similar $, $$, $$$}
Use promo code "MORE" for 25% off your purchase for a limited time!

Cropped navy blue and white plaid collared shirt (also seen here): Old Navy
{Similar $, $$, $$$}

Distressed light wash skinny jeans (also seen here, herehere): Target
{Similar $$, $$$}

Sam & Libby burgundy pointed-toe high heels (also seen here, herehere): Target
{Similar $, $$, $$$}

Cognac belt (also seen herehere): Gap

24K gold "A" initial bar necklace (also seen here, herehere): c/o oNecklace

Madewell gold cuff bracelet (also seen here): c/o Shopbop

What are your weekend plans? Will you be hitting up the hottest brunch spot in town? (Yes, I am alluding to Costco once again, and the free food samples provided that we all know and love so dearly.)

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  1. I love San Diego, I just got back from visiting! Cute cardigan :)

  2. Love your outfit. I've never been to San Diego but I'll have to put it on my list now :)

    jennnngo | twitter | latest post

  3. I've never been to San Diego before. Lovely outfit and love those heels.

    Ann-Marie |

  4. You can't go wrong with those sunny San Diego winters! I love your heels. :]



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