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Best Places To Visit In San Diego | America's Finest City Travel Guide

Friday, July 21, 2017

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you've probably caught on that last year my boyfriend and I moved from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California. You've probably also gathered that we are ob-sessed with our new city, because I can't help myself from raving about it on occasion all the dang time. (What can I say? It was a lifelong dream of mine to move to Southern California one day, and after 27 years I am finally here, baby! So what if I can't get over it and am still kinda in disbelief that this glorious city is our home?) That's why I want to share my extensive knowledge what I know about San Diego so far since moving here under a year ago.

Whether you are planning a weekend trip or a longer vacation to SoCal, there are so many beautiful places you need to see, delicious restaurants you should check out, and beaches you gotta... beach? Gaze below for my top San Diego spots, and then pick as many of your favorites as you can possibly squeeze into your next trip here.

Sunset Cliffs (Point Loma)

I feel as if this place doesn't really need an introduction, because its name pretty much gives it away... There are really stunning sunsets here... just as the name suggests.

Annie's Canyon Trail (Solana Beach)

If you like hiking this underrated gem is the perfect place for you. We happened upon this trail on 4th of July and it is definitely my favorite. The hike, for the most part, is moderate with just a few (really fun mini rock climbing, including a graffiti cave!) parts that may make you break a sweat. Once you reach the top you get an amazing ocean view as an added bonus to an already entertaining hike!

Plant Power Fast Food (Encinitas and Ocean Beach)

This is my favorite quick vegan place that we've been to so far. Don't get me wrong, I have literally fallen in love with every single plant-based restaurant Matt and I have tried in the Southern California area (and believe me when I say, there are a lot of them). This place just nails it, though. We've gone multiple times, and each time we try a new menu item that we fawn over for days after. (If it's your first time I recommend The Big Zac.)

Image via Plant Power Fast Food

Del Mar Cliffs & Del Mar Dog Beach

An easy stroll along the cliffs looking upon the water below? Sign me up. The best dog beach in San Diego (in my humble opinion)? Double sign me up. Del Mar is everything that is cute, quaint fancy pants beach town. We love strolling their little village, coffee and pups in hand. (This is also another great place to catch the sunset. My sister and I took my niece to a waterfront park, had her put on my "magic sunglasses," and she made the sunset with her powers. It was pretty damn cute.)

Coronado Island

This quaint little island town is a must see. The first time we went here we got to see dolphins, walk around the city, and gaze at the pristine homes. (It, too, has gorgeous sunsets - just see below for proof. Although, I won't lie to you, really you can catch an amazing sunset every night you are here at almost any coastline.)


This is the beach town that started it all for Matt and me. As I mentioned before, I have always loved and dreamed of living anywhere on the coast of California. And while Matt did like San Diego the first time we ever visited together, he was a bit taken aback by A.) Pacific Beach, where we were staying - and is full of nonstop partying - and B.) the sheer amount of people in comparison to everywhere else we'd lived. I begged (and begged, and begged) him for years after to agree to a move. Then, fast forward to 2016 when our friend moved from P.B. up to Carlsbad, we went to stay with him, Matt fell head over heels for this tiny north coastal county town, and the rest is history as they say.

Just a few days ago Matt and I took the dogs on a mini road trip up to Lake Calavera in Carlsbad. I wore one this amazing avocado toast tank top c/o Vegan Love Apparel.
It is so soft. I even made Matt touch it, because I couldn't stop gushing, and even he was blown away. 
Best. Tank. Ever.
(You'll see it again soon in a full outfit post, but I had to share it with you now, because it is too good to pass up. And it's from a vegan company, so you know I can't recommend it enough!)

La Jolla Cove

Ah, yes, La Jolla. Breathtaking 360 degree views, loads of rich people, AND wild seals AND sea lions in their natural habitat? Sign me up! You should also totally sign up for a Groupon deal to kayak here. There are secret caves -- and you may even catch an up close glimpse of the sea wildlife. (When we went kayaking with our friends, Hailey and Nick whose travel blog you should totally check out, a seal swam right up near us in the water!)

- - - - -

Do any of these views have you itchin' to plan a vacation to paradise San Diego now? If not, maybe this will: the average annual temperature is 69.8°F and sunny.

There's a reason it's called "America's Finest City" after all.

Safe travels :)

- - - - -

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  1. Beautiful photos! I always have a ton of fun in Sandiego - probably because its similar to where I grew up and all. .The dog beach is a spectacle!

  2. I've heard of Plant Power previously but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Love reading about spots to check out in my own hometown though! I recently processed a few scenic pics from visits to local beaches which made me happy! =)

  3. You hit all the spots! Thank you for the travel guide. I love the Del Mar dog beach and so does Simon :)


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