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Textured | Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Tofurky Day! Matt and I are cooking up some vegan yums and bringing them over for Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors' house tonight. While Thanksgiving has never been a big holiday for me personally, I do appreciate the idea of taking a day to show gratitude. My list of "Oh My Lawd, Thank You So Much"-es revolves around how beautiful life can be. I am forever grateful for my loved ones, how life led us to Southern California, for veganism, as well as the path and life's purpose it lit up in me, and for you LunaVida readers, of course! The list goes on and on and on and on and on (and so on and so forth). So really, I am thankful for this life in general and the chance to live it freely.

LC Lauren Conrad coral textured sweater: Kohl's
[similar - on sale!]

Dark wash skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): Gap
[similar - 50% off with code "BLKFRIDAY"]

Cognac belt (also seen here, here & here): Gap
[similar - Also 50% off!]

Studded brown ankle boots (also seen here, here & here): Old Navy
[similar - Half off, too!]

24K gold "A" initial bar necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o oNecklace
[similar - 20% off and free shipping!]

Gold bar pendant necklace: Nordstrom - on sale for under $8!

Brown printed mini crossbody bag (also seen here, here & here): American Eagle
[similar - on sale!]

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what attire do you typically wear? Depending on my plans for the day, I range from pajamas all damn day to something exactly like this outfit in today's post and all the way to a more formal dress. Whatever you're wearing, I hope you're comfy -- and have a drawstring or elastic to let out during the feasting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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