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Travel Comfortably | 5 Essential Tips For The Plane Journey

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

When it comes to plane journeys, many people suffer with getting comfortable. Whether it be an inability to sleep or too much noise making the journey particularly difficult, you may be in need of some tips to help you enjoy the flight more.

Fret not – here are 5 essential tips for the plane journey to ensure you travel comfortably.

Travel Comfortably: 5 Essential Tips For The Plane Journey

Wear comfy clothing

When on a plane journey, there’s nothing worse than feeling restricted or uncomfortable due to your clothing. Be sure to wear the comfiest things you own, packing the rest of your clothes in your suitcase ready for when you land. Be honest with yourself – style simply isn’t a priority on the plane, as everyone simply wants to be comfortable even if it’s at the sacrifice of looking good.

Consider shorts or tracksuit bottoms, nice warm socks to keep your feet from getting cold, and a lightweight top that doesn’t cling or feel tight. This way you’ll feel much more comfortable and at ease throughout your journey, instead of restricted. This is especially important if you’re wheelchair bound – your comfort is paramount, and although staff will do all they can to help, it’s sometimes difficult to get comfortable.

Invest in some headphones

It’s no secret that flights are noisy. With loud conversation and laughter, babies crying and even a few snorers, with the background noise of the jet’s engines to boot, you’re bound to get sick and tired of the plane’s soundtrack after a while.

With that being said, consider treating yourself to some noise-canceling headphones. They’re surprisingly effective in drowning out all background noise and giving you a chance to kick back and relax whilst listening to your favorite music. As an added bonus, you’ll likely be able to plug them into the flight’s entertainment system to watch a film or two.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential to keep you feeling healthy and hydrated during the flight. Although you may be tempted by the promise of free alcohol or teas and coffee, you’ll find yourself unable to relax if you’re consuming any other beverage. Water is your best bet to feel energized and ready to go once you land on the other side.

Make sure you pick up a big bottle in the airport before you go, and try to finish it before you land. You’ll definitely feel better for it.

Ensure you’ve got entertainment

Although we’ve already mentioned headphones, it’s important you’ve got things to keep you entertained during the flight to eliminate the potential of getting bored. Whether it be your music, some movies on a tablet or even a book, make sure you’ve got a backup just in case the in-flight entertainment doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Make sure your gadgets are fully charged and ready to go, too. There’s no greater disappointment than boarding the flight to realize your tablet has only got 1% of battery left. Preparation is key!

Get some sleep

You might find it difficult to catch some shut-eye on the flight, but it’s easier than you think. There are plenty of useful tips to help you sleep during the journey – it’s especially crucial you get some rest, in order to feel refreshed and energized once you land.

Make sure you uncross your legs, lean back and try not to expose yourself to too much light. If you can, shut the window in order to get a better chance of drifting off – Haley Byers talks of how the suppression of melatonin release after light exposure will make it particularly difficult to sleep.

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Do you have any more tips for flying comfortably? Be sure to share in the comments below, please!

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