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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Who else has the itch to travel now that those beautiful spring temps have finally arrived? 🙋 This time of year makes me wish adult spring breaks and annual summer vacations were a real thing. And speaking of needing a trip, I previously wrote a tiny bit about my experience of traveling to Harry Potter World as a vegan and the difficulties that can arise - if you don't plan ahead. I asked if anyone would want a blog post about how to travel as a vegan and the answer was "Uh... sure?" so here we are! Gaze below for the wisdom of a little over a year 1,000 suns.

Plan ahead - first and foremost

This probably seems pretty obvious; however, if not for my mom, I wouldn't have planned nearly enough for our Orlando trip a few months ago. I would've just winged it, assuming I'd be fine - in which case I would've been pretty unsatisfied with my food options the entire time. We didn't have a car while in Florida and we were staying on property at Universal Studios; therefore traveling anywhere to get food would have cost more since we'd have to hail a Lyft every time. Thanks though to the wisdom granted only to mothers it seems, my own suggested using Amazon Prime Now. It offered cheap delivery and plenty of plant-based snack options. This service ended up saving the day because after researching online for vegan options actually sold in the amusement park, I realized they were pretty bleak for a whole day extravaganza. (High praises to Mom and Amazon!)

Look at all your options (AKA vegan-ize pre-offered items on the menu)

Sometimes you may be at a chain restaurant, for example, and assume there is nothing for you on the menu. Do a little research on a vegan's BFF -- Google, of course -- and see what you can do to make your own menu items. Oftentimes it's as simple as asking for no butter on the potatoes or substituting tomatoes for the cheese.

Download the Happy Cow app

This is an app I have on my phone that I forget about all too often even though it's pretty much a Godsend lifesaver. (Okay, that's a hyperbole but it is super helpful all the same.) You pay a one-time fee (I believe it was $4.99) and then have unlimited access to it. In my opinion, it is 100% worth the minuscule investment. You can open the app wherever you are and see what veg-friendly options are in the area, as well as reviews and people's recommendations. The minimum effort in return for maximum convenience factor makes it the perfect plant-based travel companion.

Pack as many snacks as if you have a cranky toddler in tow that you need to bribe to behave

If you're hopping on a plane for your trip you can almost always count on airline food to be... less than vegan-friendly. That said, if you're like me and need to eat every few hours to avoid getting hangry, make certain to pack yourself plenty of snacks in your carry-on luggage. (One of my personal favorite go-tos is vegan jerky. This brand is SO GOOD.) *Pro tip: Be sure to leave enough food for your travels back, too. (I struggle with the self-control this takes if I'm being honest with you... I love me some snacks.)

- - - - -

So there you have it - my vegan travel tips! Seeing as I have only been plant-based since January 2017, I haven't taken a ton of trips yet; thus, this is the small amount of knowledge I've gained so far. If you have any of your own tips to share (especially for international travel), please share in the comments!

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  1. Great tips! I'm about to take my first trip since switching to a fully-vegan diet, which should be interesting. Norway isn't the most veggie-friendly place. It was difficult enough as an egg-free vegetarian but we will see! :D

  2. What great tips! I'm not vegan but will tell friends about this app.

  3. How interesting. I'm sure when you choose to eat this way its quite the commitment


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