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How To Get Through The Midday Slump

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Over the years, I've worked active jobs, cubicle jobs, and from home with this here blog, but one thing they all share is this: getting sleepy in the afternoon. We all know that dreaded 3 PM slump. You know the one - when you are back from lunch and you aren't sure whether or not drinking the second (or third... or fourth...) cup of coffee of the day to get through the rest of your work is worth the risk of being antsy as all get out at 11 PM. That is the midday rut many of us experience.

Since it's been dreary and rainy in San Diego today, it feels extra appropriate to share some tips I've learned along the way for how to get through that late afternoon slump. 😴

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Take ten minutes to get outside

Whether you work in an office building or you work from home, get outdoors. It can be extremely helpful to spend a little time outside when that midafternoon tiredness hits. When I'm working from home, I like to leash up the dogs and take them around the block. Smelling fresh air and seeing the sun always hits the reset button for the remainder of my day.

Drink your caffeine but do it a bit earlier in the day than usual

As previously mentioned, a lot of us tend to run to the coffee pot when we start to feel drained. By setting a cut-off time earlier than we may be used to, such as 2 PM, you can get the jolt of energy you're looking for without hindering your sleep later in the evening.

Utilize essential oils

I am not fully on the oil train, as I know many people are, so I can't pretend to know much at all about them. I do, however, use peppermint oil for waking myself up. When I need to stay alert but I feel my eyelids slippin', I reach for peppermint oil. I like to put a few drops along my temples and behind my ears. It's so pungent and does a great job at waking me up in an all natural way. (Be careful of putting it too close to your eyes though because I've definitely done that before and it made my eyes tear up like crazy!)

Do some light stretching

Have you ever taken a yoga class and afterward you feel not only so limber but extremely energized? Take a note out of the yogi's notebook and do some easy stretches when you're feeling sleepy. Getting a little bit of blood flowing can help you feel more awake.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy

Whether I am in a 4x4 cube or my home office (I use that term lightly since mine is just a desk and chair set up in a corner of our tiny 700 sq. ft. house), I have always found it super helpful to make my space feel cozy and comfortable. Personally, I prefer to place pictures of past travels, family, and friends and fresh greenery everywhere I can within eyesight. When I need to take a quick break from staring at the screen after 5+ hours, it's much nicer to avert my eyes to something I find pleasant. It reenergizes me and keeps me going!

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How do you get through the midday rut? Please share your tips, too!

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  1. Peppermint oil....I love that idea!

  2. The midday slump is REAL! I have to force myself to get up and take a walk. You are so right that going outside can help!

  3. I've got the midday slump right now, about to go for a short walk! Great tips


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