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9 Items Every Vegan Kitchen Needs

Monday, August 20, 2018

Before Matt and I went vegan, the majority of our kitchen cabinets were hand-me-downs from my mom (thanks for always lookin' out, Mom!). We never really invested our own money in kitchenware because honestly, we didn't cook more than twice a week most of the time. Since going plant-based (and just having to grow up in general 😉) we've started preparing our meals at home quite a bit more. Now that we are [junior] chefs, we have picked up a few kitchen items that have become staples for us for most of the recipes we create. Some of them are probably pretty apparent and some of them really aren't but all have been so helpful; therefore, today I thought I'd share our vegan kitchen must-haves!

Recipe for Spinach Ravioli Soup featured in the above photo found here

- - - - -

1. Masher

This one is straightforward. But it's perfect for mashed potatoes, avocado smashing, etc. Simple but necessary!

2. Plates that are also kind of bowls (obviously I don't know the real name for them)

I am probably very behind the times but I saw these floating around on Instagram featuring prettily plated meals. Now that we have them, these things have been one of my favorite adult purchases. I am an admittedly accident-prone person and that includes staining my clothes like a toddler. This may sound ridiculous but the lipped edges of these hybrid-plate-bowl-type-things mean fewer spills on my shirt while also being able to fit a large amount of food. That's a win to me!

3. Citrus juicer

The number of limes we go through now that we are plant-based is shocking. (Probably not shocking to the average person but it is to me because I never imagined being the type of person who sprinkles a bit of lime on practically everything.) The amount of juice that comes out from these contraptions versus just using your hands is insane. Totally worth the $8 investment!

4. Avocado scoop

I don't know about you but my lawd, we eat a lot of avocados in our home. It's our vegan version of "bread and butter." That said, I mainly make a lot of guacamole (would anyone want my recipe? Not to brag but it has been said ... by my partner ... that it's "the best in the world"). That means I am constantly scooping avocados and this simple tool does the trick.

5. TPU cutting board

We don't have a dishwasher in our house so we hand wash everything. The smooth flexible surface of this specific cutting board has been a Godsend for easy cleanup. Plus it still looks brand new after almost two years - no nicks at all!

6. NutriBullet blender

We use this so much that Matt even bought a second one to bring to work with him to have on hand at his desk. (👈 Dead serious) I use it to make frothy coffee drinks in the morning, fruit smoothies for an afternoon snack, and to make milkshakes at night for dessert. It barely takes up any cabinet space too! And though it may be tiny, it is definitely powerful.

7. Pots with strainer lids

These may or may not remind you of college. It doesn't matter though because they are so handy! We boil a lot of water --a lot, a lot it feels like-- and these let us skip a step. Plus it's one less dirty dish to wash! (Every single dish matters when you hand wash, I'm telling you.)

8. Reusable straws

We have a set of glass straws but I've heard good things about the metal ones too. I use these to drink coffee (both iced and hot so I don't stain my teeth), smoothies, teas, etc.

9. Guac-Lock container

Matt purchased this and at first, I thought he'd bought a "Made For TV" product. After using it one time though, I became its #1 fan! As I mentioned above, I love to make guacamole. This guy keeps it fresh for days, especially compared to a normal Tupperware that lets it oxidize after a few hours.

- - - - -

What are your most used kitchen items? Are there any seemingly obvious ones that I missed?

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  1. Such a grown up. Please post the guac recipe...and make some for me, please! 😍


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