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Gift Guide | Last Minute Vegan Valentine's Day Ideas

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Happy almost Valentine's Day!

Did you forget Valentine's is just a matter of days away? Me too, me too... Thankfully though, if you have access to an Amazon Prime account you can have vegan and cruelty-free presents delivered and ready to go in time for your significant other, family member, friend, or any loved one on your list! All of the below gift ideas are via Amazon, and many are eligible for free two-day shipping!

* You can order directly by clicking on the photo of each item. *

🍫 Put together a vegan-friendly candy basket

Pretty cute and festive, eh? Some of my personal favorites are included. (Side note: Putting this together felt like torture to myself since Matt and I are still doing our plant-based Whole30.)


🛀 Create a vegan and cruelty-free self-care set

Or you can always purchase a pre-made one. Either way, it's perfect for the homebody love of your life!


👕 Try something more traditional

Think along the lines of cozy clothing items, cookbooks to try the recipes out together, etc.


🐖 Make a donation in their name to an animal protection nonprofit

This is my personal favorite option, and it's great for those who don't want/need any material goods. Some of the top-rated animal charities are The Humane League, Animal Equality, Animal Place, Mercy For Animals, and Farm Sanctuary. You can also consider making a donation to a favorite animal rescue near their city. (Personally, my favorite local to San Diego sanctuary is Farm Animal Refuge in Campo, California!)

- - -

If you need more ideas, check out past LunaVida cruelty-free and vegan gift guides here. If you are more the type to celebrate by spending quality time rather than exchanging presents (which is 100% Matt and me seeing as gift giving is the last Love Language for both of us), check out some inexpensive and free date ideas here!

Do you celebrate V-Day or do you prefer to skip right over it each year?

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