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New Year, New Look, New You

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hey guys!  I am so sorry that I have been beyond M.I.A. recently.  The last few days have been hectic. I took the red eye flight back from Phoenix to Tampa on Sunday night followed directly by New Year's Eve.  THEN my kitty, Luna, had to go to the vet (but she is OK, thankfully!).  So it has been a busy past few days, and I am trying to get back on track.  Regardless, I hope you had an absolutely amazing New Years!  How have your resolutions been going so far?  Hopefully you are still on the wagon ;P But if not, don't give up!  One slip up isn't the end of the world- or an excuse to quit!

As the New Year kicks off, I want to thank each and every one of you who reads this blog.  It would be much harder to write every week if I didn't have you guys there to write requests to me, cheer me on, and read it, in general :)  So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I hope 2012 was an amazing year for you and that 2013 somehow tops it!

Well, now that my life is semi back to normal, I waaay owe you all a blog post.  I thought I'd start off with something bright and cheerful to usher in the new year.

Old Navy lilac sleeveless blouse: I got it on sale for $10 from $19.94 last week in Arizona.
-Similar styles: JCPenney $10 (on sale from $14), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $16), Old Navy $10 (on sale from $19.94), JCPenney $10 (on sale from $20) or Old Navy $20 (on sale from $29.94)
Old Navy grey cardigan: On SUPER sale for $4.98 at their After Christmas sale!
-Similar styles: JCPenney $14 (on sale from $20), Old Navy $14.97-$22.50 or Old Navy $15
Forever 21 dark wash skinny jeans (obviously a fave of mine as seen here and here): $10.80

Fergalicious blue espadrille wedge pump: On sale for $19.94 at DSW- but I had a $10 off coupon, so they were only $10!
-Similar styles: DSW $19.94 (on sale from $50) is a good option for winter if you are into the color.  DSW $19.94 (on sale from $79) works well if you like bright espadrille wedges.

"Santorini/Thira" map of Greece locket: Gift from my mom in 2011 from Etsy
I love, love, loooove this necklace, because it reminds me to keep working towards my goals.
One of the top things to do on my bucket list is to travel to Santorini, Greece.  This customized necklace serves as a reminder that I will get there one day (and hopefully soon)!
You can have your own map locket custom made too.  It can be from a map of your hometown, your honeymoon location, the place you want to move to most, Antarctica... anywhere!
Check out the Brass & Chain Etsy shop to order one.

This outfit would be a perfect fit for Casual Friday, don't ya think?  It is comfortable, but still professional at the same time.  Dressing it up with a high wedge and jewelry makes all the difference.  After work hours, you can take off the cardigan and it's a cute sleeveless top to take out!  (But if it is currently cold where you are add a coat rather than take off the cardigan when you go out, of course :P)

Will be you be trying out a look similar to this on your next Casual Friday?  Have a different C.F. uniform or need help with a certain occasion?  Let me know.  You can leave a comment below, e-mail, tweet me, or write on the LunaVida Facebook page!


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