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Wish List Wednesday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heyyy!  Happy Hump Day :)

I was browsing some stores online, wishing I could go real life shopping.  My virtual window shopping inspired me to do a new post that I'd like to try to do every Wednesday.  Each week I will find some great pieces at even better prices online (& include coupon codes when they're available) to share with you all.

Please welcome "Wish List Wednesdays!"

Cat Sweater: She Inside $30.65 On sale from $69 (I. Am. Obsessed.)
Free shipping worldwide and 15% off if you sign up for the She Inside newsletter.

Scoop back tank tunic: ASOS $10.55
Free shipping and 10% off with code PERFECT10.

Raspberry loose fitting blouse: Macy's $9.99 On sale from $69

Wrap dress: Macy's $9.99 On sale from $48

 Black lace dress: Windsor $17.43 On sale from $44.90
Sign up for e-mails from Windsor and get 10% off.

Tassel flats: Kohl's $13.99 On sale from $69.99
15% off with promo code CHILLY15 for a limited time.

Cat watch: ASOS $35.18 (I've had my eye on this beaut for awhile... WANT.)
Free shipping and 10% off with code PERFECT10.

Beaded bracelet cuff: American Eagle $11.99 On sale from $17.50
An extra 40% is taken off of clearance items.

Gold & red threaded earrings: Target $4.54 On sale from $12.99

Crochet bikini: Victoria's Secret $12.99-$15.99 On sale from $22.50 (bottom) and $27.50 (top)
It's the Semi-Annual Sale, YAY!  Plus get free shipping with a $25 purchase through Thursday with code SHIP25.

Pink polka dot lace underwear: Victoria's Secret $3.99 On sale from $9.50
Free shipping with a $25 purchase through Thursday with code SHIP25.

These items are all on the top of my personal Want It list.  Do you like any of these articles of clothing?  Can you tell I am kinda sorta maybe obsessed with cats?

Also, if you didn't catch this post in which I discussed Ebates you should definitely consider signing up for it if you ever shop online. Each time you shop online you get a percentage cash back with every purchase AND coupon codes!  My mom has been using it for years and has literally gotten over $1,300 in cash back checks just from shopping online (seriously)!  Also, despite the fact that I am not a big online shopper myself, I've still gotten over $70 back :D

Are you into any of my picks for this week?  Will you be trying out Ebates?  Let me know if you plan to or if you have any other questions or requests.  You can leave a comment below, e-mail lunavida23@gmail.comtweet me, or write on the LunaVida Facebook page!



  1. Great little gems! Love the lace dress and the watch! I am following you! Would you like to follow me back?

  2. I love online shopping!
    Especially when you can find some really goof bargains!!
    new follower :)

    Love Coral x x x

    Corals Closet

  3. I want to go shopping right after this. :)


  4. The kitty face is so cute! Looks a bit sad though. I am obsessed with cat sweaters/t-shirts! :-)

    1. Hahaha I never noticed that but you are right! I love cat themed clothes, too. They're the best :)



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