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Hats Off to You: Denim Jacket + Tank + Maxi Skirt + Wedges

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hey, guys! This is not a test. I repeat: THIS IS NOT A TEST. It's truly true... I'm really back! And this long break in LunaVida-Ville was thanks in part to moving into our new home (which you get a little sneak peek of in today's post :D), starting a brand new job, coming down with the cold to end all colds that put me off my feet for a few days solid, and then not being able to get our Internet set up for a couple weeks... But I triumphed through it all, and I did it for you. I know, I know... I'm a hero for the ages. And oh, boy, have I missed you.

Denim jacket (also seen here, herehere): Kohl's
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Gray tank top (also seen here & here): Target
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Black chiffon maxi skirt: Old Navy
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Use promo code "DAYBREAK" for 35% off your purchase through 3/9!

Steve Madden green canvas espadrille wedges (also seen herehere): DSW
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I used one of my new favorite makeup products, Paula Dorf Cosmetics' Perfect Color in Ecstasy, for this post. You can use it for a touch of color just about anywhere. It goes on so smoothly, and it looks amazing on eyes, lips, and cheeks! I like to use a little on my lips as a base for lipstick or as a sheer blush for everyday wear.

Floppy hat with ribbon: Souvenir from our trip to Mykonos, Greece
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Did ya miss me? I most certainly missed you. I can't wait to be back to action full time! My job and the new house are still definitely taking up a lot of my spare time, but now that I finally have Internet again, I plan to be back to blogging more regularly for sure. And check back for a tour of our home when it's all put together, too! XOXO

Ooh, and PS: With each Paula Dorf Cosmetics purchase, LunaVida readers will receive a free gift of their mini No Color Glimmer powder for a limited time! Just use promo code "ECSTASY" at

I was given this product to try, powered by BrandBacker. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own opinions and text.

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