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Spring Has Sprung: Sweatshirt + Cutoff Shorts + Slip-Ons

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hey there! This is my first post written since I turned yet another year older. Thursday was my birthday, and I turned the ripe, old age of 26. Remember when you were in grade school and you had teachers who were 26? Yeah... You totally thought they were super old. Don't deny it. I mean, I'm pretty sure we all thought anything over 17 was ancient. Thankfully, I still feel relatively young (despite the creaking joints and poppin' bones that are starting to occur more and more these days). Plus, with each passing year life just keeps getting peachier and peachier, ya know what I'm sayin'?

White & pink floral printed sweatshirt: American Eagle
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Gap light wash cutoff denim shorts (also seen here, here & here): DIY'ed
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Floral printed slip-ons: American Eagle
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Black & bamboo wayfarer unisex sunglasses (also seen here): c/o Polette $19.99

I'm forever grateful for all of the opportunities that my 25th year of life brought me. Just in the last year we adopted Kingsley and Ollie into our family, took our trip to Italy and Greece, made the most amazing friends here in Phoenix, my sister and niece were in AZ for the past few months... I could go on listing for what seems like an eternity. 25 really is quite a year to top... but I have faith that 26 can do it ;)


  1. pretty sweater :)

  2. Your sweater is so cute! I like the print on it. And happy belated birthday!

    xo Azu

  3. cute top.. i love your style..


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