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Fall Fashion Items I Can't Wait To Wear

Friday, September 15, 2017

I know, I know. You're probably already sick of hearing about fall and it hasn't even officially arrived yet. Therefore, let me apologize in advance because I am far from being over it. I can't help myself every year when September rolls around. The first leaves changing color, the chilly mornings that remind me to stop wearing shorts to sleep and change to cozy leggings, the most delicious hot foods, the beginning of the best holidays of the entire year... and, of course, the deepest and least superficial of all - THE CLOTHES! All my favorite pieces of clothing get taken out of storage and hung back up in my closet, and my heart swells with excitement. Ah, yes. Fall fashion... let me count the ways I love you - literally. Below are 7 of my favorite autumnal outfits and accessories that I am ready to bust out as soon as it drops below 70 degrees. 🍃 🍁 🍂

1. Scarves

Infinity scarves, chunky scarves, and blanket scarves... oh my!

Original post featuring infinity knit scarf | Similar scarf: Old Navy

Original post featuring chunky black scarf | Similar scarf: Target

Original post featuring plaid blanket scarf | Similar scarf: Target

2. Boots

My go-to's: ankle boots, knee-high boots, and motorcycle boots

Original post featuring ankle boots with buckle details | Similar boots: Kohl's

Original post featuring knee-high boots | Similar boots: Target

Original post featuring moto boots | Similar boots: DSW

3. Tights

Not for the faint of heart -- or any temperature near 70 degrees

Original post featuring cable knit tights | Similar tights: Kohl's

Original post featuring classic black tights | Similar tights: Target

Original post featuring thick gray tights | Similar tights: Kohl's

4. Sweaters

#SweaterWeather - The favorite type of weather for every "basic betch" (Me!! 🙋)

Original post featuring chunky burgundy sweater | Similar sweater: Old Navy

Original post featuring lightweight sweater | Similar sweater: Target

Original post featuring turtleneck sweater | Similar sweater: Old Navy

5. Hats

I never thought I'd say it, because once upon a time I was terrified of donning any kind of chapeau. (Sunglasses too, oddly enough.)

Original post featuring black floppy hat | Similar hat: Target

Original post featuring gray beanie | Similar hat: Nordstrom

6. Cardigans


Original post featuring cropped cardigan | Similar cardigan: Gap

Original post featuring off-white chunky cardigan | Similar cardigan: Target

Original post featuring long open-front duster cardigan | Similar cardigan: Nordstrom

7. Coats

I haven't worn an actual winter coat that's meant to withstand 25-degree temps in years; however, my heavier jackets that I wear November - February suffice as "coats" in my mind.

Original post featuring black and white printed coat | Similar coat: Macy's

Original post featuring denim jacket | Similar jacket: Kohl's

Original post featuring tweed peacoat | Similar coat: 6PM

- - - - -

Obsessing over autumn may make one "unoriginal" in some grumpy peoples' minds but honestly, I do not care in the slightest. It is the best time of the year, and I won't ever stop celebrating its arrival. FALL FOREVER!

Are you over fall already or are you onboard the autumn loving bandwagon?

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