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Print It | Cocoon Coat + Top + Skinny Jeans + Ankle Boots [& Five Year Blog Anniversary!]

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wait, what? It's been five years since I published my first ever post on LunaVida? HALF OF A DECADE? How is that actually possible?

This blog began almost exactly a year after I graduated from college. Back then Matt and I were spending a year in the deep countryside of Florida, having said yes to the first post-grad job offer that came our way. It was a rough year being stuck there in rural Florida for any amount of time, let alone a full year. (No shade at rural Florida, it's just not the right place for us.) I needed some type -- any kind, really -- of "creative outlet" and I somehow narrowed in on an affordable fashion blog.

Since my very first blog post ever (which you can see and cringe at with me here) our lives have changed a lot. We've moved from Florida to Arizona to California over the course of those five years. We've added two more members to our family, being Kingsley and Ollie, of course. (Back in December 2012 our family was just Matt, Kitten Luna, Puppy Kota, and myself!) My sisters both had daughters. Matt and I have both held different kinds of jobs. We've made amazing lifelong friends in adulthood while remaining close to childhood friends. We've made a lot of stupid mistakes and taken risks that paid off. We've had more Netflix and takeout nights than I can count. And every moment of these past five years, however adventurous or mundane, LunaVida has been there too. It's wild to think that this little virtual scrapbook has included everything from my evolving personal style to a diary of sorts from my 20s to my journey from super longtime vegetarian to [finally] going vegan. What an odd idea a blog is, but what else can give you the same thing? Well, I guess a paper journal circa 1997 can give you that... but it's the digital age now and I'm trying to stay current here, kids.

Navy and white print cocoon coat: Old Navy

Off-white lace babydoll blouse (also seen here): Target

Hudson dark wash skinny jeans (also seen here, here & here): c/o Shopbop
[similar - on sale!]

Splendid LA gray ankle boots (also seen here, here & here): c/o Shopbop

I am so lucky that LunaVida still doesn't feel like another job or chore (most days). It's still fun for me. It's a daily task that I often look forward to doing. That isn't always the case because it is certainly a labor of love, but it's also a continuous part of my life that I keep getting to learn from and get excited about.

Throughout the years of LunaVida, I've gained new skills. It's given me a gigantic timeline of my life over the past five years that I can look back on one day. It's allowed me to work with amazing brands. It has held me accountable and taught me how to prioritize better.

It's introduced to amazing people. Like you :)

I'm so grateful for all of you who choose to read this blog. It's much more fun to share and engage with you guys. So whether this is your first time ever stopping by LunaVida or you have read every single post since Day 1 (hi, Mom), thank you. I hope you'll keep coming back from five more years (and then some) 💗

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  1. Hi, Allie. I am and always will be your biggest fan. So proud of you! Love you xxxooo

  2. Happy 5 years of blogging! That is worth celebrating! Love this jacket, too - so pretty!


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