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The Importance of Positive Thinking & Self-Care With Pamprin

Thursday, December 14, 2017

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. As always, all opinions are my own.

The Importance of Self-Care & Positive Thinking

I'm gonna get really real with you right off the bat today: I don't know about you but when "that time of the month" comes around I am knocked back by cramps for the first couple days. We ladies really do have to kick extra ass the week of our periods. That said, when everything is achy/cramped/bloated/just feeling icky in general, self-care is extra vital. (The same can be said for this time of the year because the holidays are known to be equal parts exciting... and stressful.)

It can be tempting to want to succumb to the negative thoughts that tend to come with our cycles. "Ugggghhhhh, whhhhyyyyy do I have to be a woman right now?!" However, practicing positive thinking and self-talk can be beneficial for our wellbeing - and not just during the most dreaded week of a woman's month, but every single day. Scroll down to see some simple ideas to begin incorporating more positive thoughts into your life.

1. Wake up and repeat an affirmation confirming that the day ahead will go well.

Really believe it will, too. This allows you to start off your morning with an upbeat outlook, and that will make it easier to carry on throughout the rest of your day with a better attitude.

2. During that midday slump, take the time to go for a brisk walk for a few minutes.

Being outside in nature (or if you can't get out into the fresh air, even just a change of scenery from your office to a different floor of the building) is such a great way to reset our minds and get out of the dreaded 2 PM rut. Grab a work friend, take a stroll, and reignite your mind and body in a refreshing manner!

3. Catch yourself in the act when those nagging negative thoughts creep in.

It's natural for all of us to have those unwanted irritating thoughts from time to time. One thing we can do to help lessen these occurrences is to actually practice correcting ourselves when we speak negatively. Forming the habit of rewording a thought from something such as "There is no way I can ever finish ____" to "I am currently struggling with ____" can drastically change your mood over time. It helps us to realize that these moments are only temporary.

4. Treat yo'self.

There's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done at the end of a strenuous week (or for making it through the holiday season). It's not selfish when you're taking care of yourself so that you can then be in a better place to pay it forward and help out those who need it more. Taking care of yourself allows you to better support and be there for others, too.

5. Stop feeling guilty for relaxing.

When I'm crampin' up all I want to do is Netflix and chill. And that is okay. If that's what is going to help me get through the next few days of menstrual pain, then so be it! I personally prefer to brew a cup of hot tea and take a Pamprin Multi-Symptom, which you can purchase at Walmart. (It contains three active ingredients: an antihistamine to relieve my crankiness, a diuretic to fight against a bloaty body, and a pain reliever to alleviate those dang cramps!) Then I apply a face mask, grab a cozy blanket, cuddle up with my cats and dogs, and watch some reruns of my favorite TV shows. (Big ups to New Girl and Friends. Those shows always lift me up and put me in a lighter mindset.)

I can personally vouch that ever since I first heard about the importance of positive thinking and, more importantly, actually began making it a part of my everyday headspace, I do feel lighter -- no matter which week of the month or time of the year it may be.

How do you practice positive thinking? Do you feel the need for more self-care particularly around the holidays? Whatever you have to do to feel and be your best, do that. You deserve it :)

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  1. Don't hate me, but I never get cramps! Doesn't mean that I don't need to practice positive thinking, because I definitely do. Great read!

  2. I get horrible cramps and this is amazing!

  3. OMG I’m gonna have to give it a try!’


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