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Super Bloomin' | Military Jacket + Tee + Ripped Jeans + Eco-Friendly Sneakers

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy (belated) Earth Day! 🌍 Being an activist (by profession and as a personal choice), the planet – and all of its inhabitants – are constantly at the forefront of my mind. A thought I often find myself wondering is, what if we all just thought of every single day as "Earth Day"? Can you imagine what we could get done? If we always recycled. If we always remembered our reusable shopping bags and metal straws. If we always picked up all of the litter we saw on our walks. If we always ate plant-based foods.

Can you just picture that for a second?

It may be a fantasy, but the thought alone nevertheless warms my cold, cold heart. And you know what? We can do it. In the end, it's not really up to corporations or organizations or governments. It's actually up to us as individuals to rise up and demand the changes we want to see by actually doing. So let's do. All of us. The future depends on it.

Olive green military jacket (also seen here, here, and here): Old Navy

Gray v-neck t-shirt (also seen here, here, and here): Old Navy

Ripped skinny jeans (also seen here, here, and here): Target

Reebok "Cotton and Corn" white vegan tennis shoes: Amazon
I first learned about these eco-conscious shoes thanks to one of my favorite plant-based blogs, Fashion Veggie. They are so comfortable and go with everything –– but best of all, they are 100% vegan and made out of organic cotton and corn!
Matt and I are traveling to Europe again this summer (YAY!), and these babies will for sure be making the journey with me. They make for the best walking shoes ever. I can't recommend them enough!

Pink print bandana scarf: J.Crew

Cognac belt (also seen here, here, and here): Gap

Handmade multicolored woven tote bag: Urban Outfitters

14K gold layered necklaces (also seen here, here, and here): c/o Sivado Studio

24K gold personalized Roman Numeral cuff bracelet (also seen here, here, and here): c/o oNecklace

Things got a little heavy at the top there ^^ 😅 But I figured these STUNNING yellow flowers and the coastal views would help lighten the mood – and remind us the beauty of this very planet we are fighting for. Because, my oh my, Mother Earth really is a special lady.

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