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Florals For Fall | Belted Dress + Cardigan + Ankle Boots

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday, oh sweet, sweet Sunday! This weekend has been a fall-fun-filled one. Matt and I kicked it off by attending a vegan Oktoberfest on Friday, which meant so many delicious plant-based eats, and ended it at a pumpkin patch. Yesterday began with a trip up to Carlsbad to visit Matt's family, followed by kicking ass at a corn maze (and splitting a snow cone... because what screams "FALL!" more than shaved iced?). Food, autumnal activities, and the beach? Count me in any day, any time.

I had really intended to take a yoga class sometime this weekend too, buuut all the way back on Wednesday I took my first ever aerial yoga class. (I'm so glad I finally signed back up at a yoga studio though, and I'm especially glad because this particular one is also a local vegan cafe that offers classes on their fourth-floor open-air rooftop overlooking that ocean! And yes, it's as drool-inducing as it sounds. I can't even pretend to play it cool every time I get up there.) Yoga really is the best way to start the day... but let. me. tell. you. I have been sore for days in places I didn't know I could possibly have muscles ever since that aerial class. Totally worth it though, because it was such a fun way to workout (and the ocean breeze and clouds above definitely didn't hurt). I can't wait to go back!

(Can I just say how grateful I am for dresses? I'm also thankful for how simple it is to take them from summer to autumn, thanks to cardigans and booties. 🙌)

Multicolored floral printed cold shoulder dress with tassels (also seen here): American Eagle

Off-white chunky cardigan (also seen here, here & here): Target

Beige ankle booties (also seen here, here & here): Macy's

Nude braided skinny belt (also seen here): Forever 21

14K gold initial necklace (also seen here, here & here): c/o Sivado Studio

Gold stretch bracelet (also seen here, here & here): Target

Madewell gold cuff bracelet (also seen here, here & here): c/o Shopbop

What's your favorite way to spend a weekend? Mine definitely involves spending some time outside, lots of food, and of course ample time with the Matt and the pets. Ah, yes. Ideal indeed.

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  1. Sounds like that yoga place is a dream come true! Loving your outfit girl!

  2. I love aerial yoga and this dress! Also, what a cute barn door.

  3. Oh aerial yoga sounds so cool! Lol its the next day soreness that scares me!


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