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Holiday Party Problems

Friday, December 7, 2012

It's that time of year again.  We all know and expect it.  It's the upcoming night that consists of trying to impress your stuffy boss, a colleague who has had one too many drinks from the open bar, and making small talk with people in their conservative best.  It can only mean one thing... the annual holiday office party is upon us.

While it is a party per se, one should not think of it as an excuse to bust out the sequined mini dress (save that one for New Years Eve, ladies).  On the other hand, it is an excuse to show off your fabulous fashion taste to your coworkers, who generally see you buttoned up in business casual from 9-5.

Here is where I come in!  I have some ideas to help you express your individuality, while also being occasion appropriate.  Gaze below for inspiration galore!

I got this dark green, belted, sheath Daisy Fuentes dress at Kohl's a few weeks ago.  It was on sale for $30 from $60 (plus I had a 20% off coupon).
However, when I went on to find the link for it, it seems it's already gone.
(I did see the exact same dress in my local Kohl's two days ago on the clearance rack- for under $20!  It's definitely worth searching through if you like it, because it can be worn a ton of different ways.)
-Similar styles, all from $27$38.40 (love the cutouts at the neckline!), and $30
If you want to add some flair to make it your own, try adding a statement necklace or an arm full of bangles.  My personal favorite touch to basically every outfit I wear is plenty of rings.

-Apt. 9 polka dot tights (I sure love polka dots, don't I?), also from Kohl's a few weeks ago.
These are inexplicably already off the website, too...
(I bought them on Black Friday for $8, but I had a $10 coupon-- meaning they were free!)

*If you sign up for Kohl's e-mails, you often get 20% off coupons.*

So after you've finished picking out the perfect outfit, here's to making it through the night!  Try to enjoy the free food and free entertainment- courtesy of the drunk guy on the dance floor.

Let me know in the comments if you have any requests or any dire situations that you are in need of inexpensive outfits for.  I'll be glad to do a post for you all!

Back with more soon.


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