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Trying Trends | Floral Pants

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hey guys! I was recently scouring the clearance racks at Kohl's (you will come to see this is a reoccurring theme in my life). I came upon quite a few pieces that were left over from the summer, and they were crazy marked down. I decided to get this floral print dress. I figured since I live in the perennial summertime state of Florida it'd be acceptable... and because I do what I want (juuust kidding). However, I was on the fence with a floral pair of pants I found. I sent my mom and sister a picture asking if they were "Cool weird or just weird?" The unanimous response? "Just weird."

But like I mentioned before... I do what I want ;)

So now I have these so-called "weird" floral pants that are begging to be worn even though it is currently December, which presents the challenge: How does one transition a trendy article of clothing from one season to another?

LC Lauren Conrad floral print pants: Kohl's, on sale for $12.80 from $60
(but I had a $10 coupon and a 20% off coupon, so I got them for $2.24!)

A comfortable option for winter-izing these lovely flowery pants:

Merona grey sweater: Super old, from Target around 2006
-Similar styles: Old Navy, $15, Target, $18.74, or
Target, $20.99 (This looks so cozy! WANT.)
* is giving 30% off with code "HOLIDAY" until 12/13.*
PacSun fuchsia tank top: Old, from 2009
-Similar style: Forever 21, $4.80
*Use promo code "12OFF" on today only to save 12%.*
American Rag ankle boots: I got them for approximately $17
in the clearance section at Macy's this past summer.
-Similar styles: Cotton On, $15, Target, $23.99Payless, $24.99, or Payless, $44.99
(The last pair is pretty much a spot on match if you're willing to spend more.)
Forever 21 beige scarf: Old, from 2008 for about $7
-Similar styles (both from Forever 21): $7 or $8.80

Another cute cold weather option is to add a hat.
Tilly's knit hat: Old, from 2011
-Similar style: Forever 21, $6.80

Shout out to my cat, Luna Lovegood (above)! I thought she deserved to be in the blog considering it is named after her.

Try wearing the trendy jeans like this during the spring summer seasons (or year round if you live in warmer climates!):

Cotton On oversized white top: $10
(It only cost $5 when I was in the store, but it's still an amazing deal.
It's so comfortable, and I wear it all the time.)
Mrkt. navy espadrille wedges: Old, from the DSW clearance section in 2011.
I bought them for around $15!
-Similar styles: Old Navy, $17.97DSW, $19.94 or DSW, $29.94
*Free shipping at until 12/20 with code "FREE2SHIPif you're a member of their rewards program.*
I'd also add my favorite sunglasses on a nice day:
H&M gold aviator sunnies, $4.99

Hopefully my mom and sister will now understand why I purchased said pants after viewing this post ;) If not though, at least I could help out any of you guys who love this (hotly contested) printed pants trend that is going on but didn't have a clue as to how to wear them beyond August. Will you be trying out this trend for winter?

Have any specific outfit suggestions or requests?  Let me know!  Leave a comment below, e-mail, tweet me, or write it on the LunaVida Facebook page.



  1. Love those pants! So cute

    - Beauty Buzz at

    1. Thank you so much!! They were quite the deal :P

      Your blog is great, by the way!


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