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Outfit Order | Casino Class & Birthday Sass

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A lovely fellow blogger from Cincinnati, Ohio (ahem... also known as my sister, Amanda) over at Vintage Lace & Pearls left me a comment yesterday requesting an outfit for a special occasion:

I'm celebrating my birthday with some friends at the local casino this weekend and would love some ideas on how to look classy & cute versus like one of the chain-smoking 90-year-old women with a fanny pack full of coins glued to their hip. Any ideas? Thanks!"

Well, your style wish is my command! I would like to preface this, however, with a disclaimer: I do not often frequent casinos. Therefore, I was very out of my comfort zone trying to put together outfits for a trip to one... but, alas! I love a good challenge, so I appreciate the request very much :)

Turn your attention below for some classier options other than the ever popular bandage miniskirts and tube tops that are often found at casinos ;)

Considering this is your fiesta, you probably want to shine.
Try wearing a fun and feminine dress in a standout color like this kelly green!

(Hi again, Dakota!)

Forever 21 green party dress: Old, from 2007 for about $15
-Similar styles: Forever 21 $15Forever 21 $17.50, Old Navy $18, Old Navy $18,
Target $19.99, and Old Navy $30 (All of these dresses have great color options.)
* is offering 30% off with the coupon code "HOLIDAY."
It ends today, though, so act fast!*

Worthington swirly tights: JCPenney for $2 (for real)
Liliana studded black cage heels: Gifted from my sister, Shannon, back in 2010
-Similar styles (all from $15.50$16.50 or $17.75

This next dress option is a bit more subdued since it is a LBD,
but it is classic and will take you from dinner to gambling with ease!

Sparkle & Fade black dress with cutout at back: Old, from 2011 at Urban Outfitters for $15
-Similar styles (all from $15.80 and $22.80 are perfect if you are into the cutout trend.
$22.80 and $22.80 are timeless little black dresses for all occasions, so you can wear
them again and again!  I also really like this $20 dress on sale at JCPenney.

Old Navy aqua opaque tights: Gifted from my mom
-Similar styles: Old Navy $4Kohl's $5.99 or Kohl's $5.99
Shiekh black pumps: Gifted from my sister in 2010.
Black shoe styles to try: JCPenney $10 on sale from $50
or Target $20.98 on sale from $29.99
Side note: If you're going to wear colored tights, stick to a neutral shoe.
After all, no one likes a party clasher. (See what I did there? ...)

If you're not feeling the tights but are feeling extra saucy (due to it being your birthday and all), ditch the hosiery and try on some bright red heels to make it extra festive!

Joey O strappy red heels: Old, from Ross in 2011.
-Similar styles: Payless $19.99 (on sale from $27.99), Target $9.98 (on sale from $19.99) or Kohl's $23.99 (on sale from $59.99 - this last pair is to die for adorable in my eyes!)

Piling on random bracelets, bangles, and other shiny baubles is also a great way to add sparkle to any special occasion outfit!

Keep in mind that both looks would be perfect for any other get together you all have coming up in the next few weeks. They would work for any holiday party or New Years Eve outing you have! However, if these outfits don't float your boat, you can always go the fanny pack route too, of course. ;)

I also want to wish Amanda a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Enjoy your party!
Everyone please go to her adorable wedding crafts blog and wish her a happy birthday.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever "Outfit Order" post! What'd ya think? Will you be trying out one of these looks for your next celebration?

As always, if you have any specific requests for outfits, let me know by leaving a comment below, e-mailing, tweeting me, or writing on the LunaVida Facebook page.



  1. Thank you, Allie Kay! Love the suggestions & I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to wear to celebrate tomorrow! Although I don't have the heel walking skills that you have -- I'll stick to the safety of my flats lol!!!!

    1. You're welcome, and thanks for requesting an outfit! LOL at the heels, I should have remembered that in my post and planned accordingly :P

      Can't wait to see pics of your party. Have fun and happy birthday!


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